II. Inconvenient Legacy

(While the two of them ride in a taxi, Miyoko shows Kazusa a magazine with her face on the cover.)
Kazusa:            What’s this supposed to be?
Miyoko:            Ah, um, this is called Ensemble. It’s a classical music publication that Kaiou puts out every other month…
Kazusa:            I know that. When I was in Japan, I read it all the time. So? Who’s this sour-looking woman on the cover of this month’s issue?
Miyoko:            Well, I think you’re very photogenic… I mean, I was trying to track this photo down, myself.
Kazusa:            I’m having a bad dream.
Miyoko:            The demand for the latest issue of Ensemble, with you on the cover, is enormous, you know. It actually sold out on the day it was released.
Kazusa:            A horrible dream.
Miyoko:            This magazine never does reprints, but there have been so many additional orders… The members of the Ensemble editorial department are working very hard.
Kazusa:            An impossibly bad dream.


Miyoko:            And the director is just thrilled, so she’s been adding fuel to the fire with TV and newspaper interviews… (she leans forward to speak to the driver.) Ah, excuse me, driver! Will you turn on Toa Television, please?
(The TV is turned on. An interview is taking place.)
TV host:           Now, Youko-san, regarding the latest issue of Ensemble that just released this week—the article speaks very… frankly, about the history of familial discord between yourself and Kazusa-san, doesn’t it?
Youko:             (laughs brightly) Well, just to put it all out there… I did turn my back on that girl once. I gave up on her because I didn’t believe she had any talent.
TV host:           (gasps, then laughs) And now, that very Kazusa-san has just finished as the runner-up in an international competition. I think it would be fair to say that she is steadily catching up to her mother.
Youko:              I certainly never imagined she would claw her way up out of the depths like this. She’s so obsessed, it’s as though nothing exists for her except the piano. Perhaps she suffered a heartbreak that was terrible enough to last a lifetime? (giggles)


Kazusa:            (starting to freak out) T-turn it off! Turn that off right now!
(TV turns off.)
Miyoko:            So, you see how it is.
Kazusa:            This is… the worst bad dream.
Miyoko:            Doesn’t “worst” imply “bad”?
Kazusa:            This needs to be recalled! (she indicates the magazine angrily.) Who the hell said it was okay to write an article like this?!
Miyoko:            Well… I received the offer, but the director was the one who gave the approval…
Kazusa:            And what about my opinion?!
Miyoko:            All of the rights of Kazusa Touma, the pianist, are held by the office of Youko Touma, as clearly specified in your contract…
Kazusa:            And the fundamental human rights of Kazusa Touma, the person?!
Miyoko:            You’ll have to discuss that matter with your mother. All I’ve done is follow the director’s orders.
Kazusa:            …
Miyoko:            (laughs awkwardly)
Kazusa:            (speaking more calmly) Kudou-san… you’ve got a hell of a personality. I can see why Mom would employ you.


Miyoko:            U-um, now that you’ve praised me, may I say one more thing?
Kazusa:            That wasn’t praise. What is it?
Miyoko:            The director predicted that you would respond this way, so she asked me to pass a message on to you. She said that you should hear her concert today, and if you truly feel that you have surpassed Youko Touma, then you may feel free to make a claim.

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