I. Prologue

(music plays. Sounds of a bustling crowd of spectators. A member of the school festival committee addresses a group outside.)
Festival committee member: Excuse me, we’re shutting this entrance now! For the time being, we can’t let you in.
Male university student: (agitated) Huh? What are you talking about?!
FC:                 We’re already at full capacity. I’m sorry.
(he starts to slide the heavy door shut.)
Student:          Argh! No! Wait! C’mon, we don’t mind standing up, just let us in! We came all the way from the university for this!
FC:                 This is the high school festival. High school students and invitees get priority.
(he closes the door the rest of the way.)

Narrator:         The Day of the Festival: Stories Beneath the Stage

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