How to Find Happiness

How to Find Happiness


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Title:                                    How to Find Happiness


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Title:                                    How to Find Happiness

Author’s note:                  -This is a rom-com(?) featuring all the characters of White Album 2, in 4-panel format.

-Intended for those who have played the game.

-Chronology is jumbled. In those where a given heroine appears as the main girl, please assume it takes place after that particular heroine’s ending. (There are some exceptions.)


Page 3


Narration:                          Setsuna Ogiso, the school idol…


Narration:                          is, in fact, rather ordinary, and somewhat vain.

Setsuna:                              Don’t tell anyone!


Narration:                          Kazusa Touma, the aloof delinquent with first-class piano talent…


Narration:                          is, in fact, quite childish.

Kazusa:                               L-Leave me alone!

Arrow note:                       Third packet of sugar

Kazusa:                               Don’t use me as a punch line!



Setsuna:                              Hey…

If Kazusa were an animal, don’t you think she’d be a cat?

Note:                                   *During a break from rehearsal

Haruki:                                What makes you say that?


Setsuna:                              Well, she usually acts cold, doesn’t like big groups, has a fickle temper…

She’s like a cute, pretty cat with glossy black fur!

Large FX:                            Meow

Kazusa:                               Is that a compliment?

Haruki:                                Oh, uh, you don’t say!


Haruki:                                I think Touma’s like a dog.

Haruki:                                She’s got an unexpectedly kind and caring side…

Kazusa:                               !


Haruki:                                Also, she’s pretty simple to work out, like a dog that will “shake” for a treat…

Setsuna:                              Ah! I get it!

Kazusa:                               What the hell is wrong with you two?!

Kazusa:                               Don’t get Setsuna in on this!

Kazusa:                               I just told you, don’t use me as a punch line!


Page 4


Haruki:                                Seriously? You’re leaving your clothes lying around again?

FX:                                        Fling


Kazusa:                               Why not? You’ll take care of all of it for me anyway.

Haruki:                                Because you won’t!

Haruki:                                Put some pants on!


Haruki:                                Honestly… What would you do if I died suddenly or something, and couldn’t be here any more…?

FX:                                        Sigh


Kazusa:                               I-If that happened, I would follow you…

Haruki:                                Uh-huh. Try putting down the pudding before you say that.

Haruki:                                Kind of spoils the effect…



Kazusa:                               I happen to know, though…

that you like taking care of me more than anything.

FX:                                        Hoho

Kazusa:                               Yeah, right.


Haruki:                                Well, I do like it, yes…

Haruki:                                But what I like most is you, Kazusa.

FX:                                        Smooth

Kazusa:                               ?!


Kazusa:                               Y-You keep throwing out these cheesy lines without thinking twice…

Kazusa:                               Aren’t you embarrassed?!

FX:                                        Hahaha

Haruki:                                Making fun of Kazusa is so much fun!

Haruki:                                I mean, I wasn’t lying, but…


Youko:                                I’m right here, you know!

FX:                                        Raah raah

Youko:                                Is dinner ready yet?

Youko:                                How lovely. Still just like newly-weds…


Page 5


Haruki:                                Well, here it comes again…

Kazusa:                               Yep…


Narration:                          Setsuna’s (Valentine’s)

Narration:                          birthday! (Day)


Narration:                          So, uh, when are we going to be able to get rid of that alternate parenthetical reading…?

Narration:                          Good question…

*Note: “Setsuna’s birthday” in the second panel has “Valentine’s Day” written next to it in smaller characters, to suggest that it be read that way; I used parentheses instead.

Caption:                              Valentine’s Day, bitter version



Haruki:                                I want to eat your cooking, Kazusa.


Kazusa:                               You’re telling me, a pianist, to hold a kitchen knife?

Kazusa:                               What are you going to do if I can’t use the tools of my trade any more?


Haruki:                                I do admire your understanding of the likelihood that you’ll hurt yourself…

Kazusa:                               Now you’re just trying to start a fight.

Kazusa:                               Hm?

Haruki:                                But there are things you don’t have to use a knife to make.

You know, stuff that you just refrigerate to firm it up, or…


Haruki:                                I just wanted to eat your hand-made chocolate… Just once…

FX:                                        Sniffle

Kazusa:                               You worry way too much…

Kazusa:                               How am I supposed to tell him that I already made some?

Caption:                              Valentine’s Day, sweet version


Page 6


Narration:                          Takeya and Io have finally started dating.


Setsuna:                              Hey, which one of you asked the other one out?

FX:                                        Yeek

Io:                                        Uh—

Io:                                        That doesn’t really matter, does it?


Takeya:                               C’mon, Io. Let’s tell her.

The one who said it was [blocked out]

FX:                                        Loom

Setsuna:                              Takeya-kun!

Io:                                        Waaah!



Io:                                        Say one word and I’ll kill you!

Takeya:                               Haven’t lost that athletic power…

FX:                                        Huff huff

Takeya:                               Oww…

Setsuna:                              Nice to see they haven’t changed…

Haruki:                                What the hell happened here…?



Io:                                        W-Well, since you two have settled down now…

Io:                                        I figured I’d better go ahead and say yes, since I felt sorry for him.


Takeya:                               Yep. I was pretty pathetic, huh. Poor me.

Io:                                        Shut up! You brought it on yourself!


Takeya:                               I told you, you’re my only one now!

Io:                                        Not sure I believe that!

Takeya:                               The only women in my address book these days are you and my mom!

Io:                                        So what?!

Takeya:                               Well, I guess I’ll just have to show it, then!

Io:                                        Huh?


FX:                                        Mmmmm

Arrow note:                       Drunk

Io:                                        Wh—

                                             They’re looking! They’re looking at us!

                                             You can’t do that here!

Setsuna:                              Eeee!

Narration:                          The two of them have become a pair of lovebirds that make Haruki and Setsuna look pale by comparison.

Haruki:                                Keep on doing that forever.


Page 7


Setsuna:                              Why don’t we go to the beach for our summer trip?!

Setsuna:                              We could go to Atami! They have hot springs there!

Note:                                   Simple tastes


Haruki:                                The beach… That sounds nice!

Setsuna:                              Right?!

I’ll wear my cutest swimsuit!


Narration:                          Wait… If Setsuna shows up on the beach…

FX:                                        Gasp

Haruki:                                I’m back—Hey!

Text on guys:                     Random guy

Bottom text:                     Making their move

Narration:                          things might go in this direction!


Haruki:                                M-Maybe an uninhabited island…

Setsuna:                              That’s a pretty big jump in scale!



Narration:                          We got married!

All:                                       Congratulations!


Setsuna:                              Heehee… I guess I’m “Setsuna Kitahara” now.

Haruki:                                Yeah.

You’ll have to be careful when people ask your name.

Haruki:                                So cute…


Setsuna:                              I’d better make sure I don’t say “Ogiso” when I pick up the phone…

Setsuna:                              …

Am I not going to get to say “Ogiso” ever again…?


Setsuna:                              Now I feel sad!

                                             But calling myself “Kitahara” makes me so happy… What am I supposed to do?!

Haruki:                                Still dealing with those mixed feelings, I see…

Haruki:                                I know how much you love the Ogiso family!


Page 8

Title:                                    How to Find Happiness



Page 9


Koharu:                               You’re a working man now, senpai!

Koharu:                               Congratulations on getting a job!

Haruki:                                And you’re a college student, Koharu…

Haruki:                                Congratulations on getting in.


Koharu:                               Hm? Then, maybe I shouldn’t call you “senpai” any more?

Koharu:                               Though, you’re still my senior from our alma mater…

FX:                                        Gasp


Haruki:                                Well, I enjoy it when you call me “senpai”…

so I’m really fine either way.

Koharu:                               ?!


Koharu:                               D-Do you always have to embarrass me like this…

Arrow note:                       Happy

FX:                                        Ha ha ha ha ha

Haruki:                                You’re so cute.

Koharu:                               senpai?!



Koharu:                               You’re still treating me like a child…

Koharu:                               That does it!


Koharu:                               Ha—


FX:                                        Jolt

Haruki:                                Yes?!


Haruki:                                Th-That’s what I’m calling you from now on…!

Haruki:                                Oh… Okay…


FX:                                        Blush

Background text:             Somehow even more embarrassing


Page 10

Kazumi:                               Ah, so close…

Koharu:                               ?!


Page 11


Kazumi:                               Kitahara-san, this is all your fault!

Nametag:                           Nakagawa

FX:                                        Flare


Haruki:                                Huh? What is?

Note:                                   *On break


Kazumi:                               You’re so ridiculously competent, ridiculously nice, ridiculously well-educated…

Haruki:                                Ridiculously…?

Haruki:                                Are you complimenting me or disparaging me?


Kazumi:                               The next thing I knew, my standards for a man were ridiculously high…

Kazumi:                               And now I can’t find a boyfriend!

Haruki:                                Yes, this is ridiculous…

Haruki:                                Ridiculously unreasonable!



Kazumi:                               I want you… to take responsibility.

FX:                                        Swoop

Haruki:                                Er…

FX:                                        B-tmp


Kazumi:                               I won’t say a word to Koharu-chi…

Haruki:                                Whaaaaa!

                                             Is this an adult game?!


Koharu:                               Senpai…?

FX:                                        Smirk

FX:                                        Gasp


Narration:                          Juuust kidding!

Koharu:                               I should hope so!

Kazumi:                               All a joke!


Page 12


Koharu:                               What? Why did I decide to work here?

Nametag:                           Sugiura

Koharu:                               It’s close to the school…

and the hourly pay is decent.


Koharu:                               I did have some objections to this uniform…

Koharu:                               But, well…

the skirt I wore on the team was about this length…


Koharu:                               Does it not suit me?

Koharu:                               I know my figure isn’t as good as Nakagawa-san’s…


Takeya:                               That’s also great!

Takeya:                               Being small is a fine status!

Haruki:                                Why are you answering, Takeya?

Haruki:                                What are you doing here, anyway?!



Kazumi:                               Hey, Kitahara-san, guess what?

Koharu:                               Na—



Kazumi:                               A customer gave Koharu-chi a note with his number on it!

Koharu:                               I-I did turn him down, you know!

Koharu:                               I told you not to tell senpai…


Haruki:                                Yes, that’s the correct response. It could have caused trouble…

and it’s not good practice to accept customers’ personal information lightly. So…

Kazumi:                               Oh? He’s being unexpectedly calm about this.

Kazumi:                               Boooring…

Koharu:                               Y-Yes?


Haruki:                                Make sure you keep turning them down!

Haruki:                                Dammit, what kind of nobody…

Koharu:                               Ah…


FX:                                        Beam

Kazumi:                               Still refuses to act jealous like a normal guy…

FX:                                        Hm hm


Page 13


Mari:                                   I feel like Kitahara’s been making light of me lately…

Mari:                                   It’s time for me to demonstrate my dignity as an adult!


Mari:                                   Kitahara, do you have some time after work today?

Haruki:                                Yes, I do…



Mari:                                   I have a lecture to give you.

FX:                                        Loom

Haruki:                                Huh?! Did I do something?!


Narration:                          As it turned out, what Mari-san meant by “lecture” was “sitting in a bar and complaining to her junior about his refusal to rely on her more.”

Mari:                                   Kitahara, you take too much on yourself. You need to ask people for help more! You’re a valued employee to me! Okay?!

Haruki:                                As usual…

                                             she’s simultaneously strict and caring, somehow…



Haruki:                                Mari-san! The 2020 Olympics are going to be held in Tokyo!


Mari:                                   Nice! We’ll be able to put out so many special features for that! It’s gonna be busy…

Haruki:                                Of course, Mari-san…

As for me, I’d just like to enjoy watching the games.


Haruki:                                Though, X years from now… I’ll be getting up there in years.

I can hardly imagine…

FX:                                        Gasp


Narration:                          These days, discussions of age seem to be taboo with Mari-san…

Haruki:                                I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Mari-san! You know I’ll love you no matter how old you get!

FX:                                        Sniffle sniffle


Page 14


Chiaki:                                 Lookie-look, Haruki!

FX:                                        Flip

Large FX:                            Ta-dah

Chiaki:                                 It’s our high school uniform!


Haruki:                                …

And you’re wearing it… why?

Chiaki:                                 Huh?

Well, you like it, right?

Chiaki:                                 Here!



Haruki:                                You—

I don’t… it’s not like I have a fetish, or anything…

Chiaki:                                 Yeah, right. From the guy who got all hot over my Mrs. Claus outfit?

FX:                                        Smirk smirk

Haruki:                                …


Haruki:                                I really do think that outfit is pushing it…

Haruki:                                You look like someone working at a themed sex club…

Haruki:                                You’re well over twenty by now…

Chiaki:                                 Well, yeah!

Chiaki:                                 Let’s do it!

Chiaki:                                 That’s exactly why I put it on!

Narration:                          After this, things got crazy…



Matsuoka:                          Wait, Kitahara, are you leaving already?!

Matsuoka:                          You traitor!

Haruki:                                Yeah. I just sent the article in.


Haruki:                                I’ve got a hungry beast waiting in my apartment…

With all this overtime I’ve been doing, I haven’t been taking proper care of her…

Matsuoka:                          You have a pet?!


Matsuoka:                          Pets are dangerous, you know!

You’ll have a harder time finding a girlfriend… You might even end up single for life, like Mari-san…

Matsuoka:                          They take up too much of your attention!

FX:                                        Rumble

Suzuki:                                 Macchan! Behind you!


Haruki:                                Well, I guess it’s a little bit like centering my life around a pet…

Chiaki:                                 Haruki!

Give me a taste! Ahhhh!

Thought bubble:               Cheep cheep

Haruki:                                All right, all right…


Page 15

Title:                                    How to Find Happiness

-closing chapter-


Page 16


Hello, and nice to meet you. I am Tohgo Mutsuki. Thank you for picking up this comic. I was right up against the deadline as usual, and I feel like there are a lot of imperfections, but I’m glad I was finally able to put out a White Album book. Everything is thanks to my friend, S-chan, who helped me out. Thank you!!!

So much painful stuff happens in the game that it was difficult to make a straightforward comedy, but I tried to come up with stories that would at least inspire a smile or two. I hope you enjoyed them a little.

Mari-san seemed like she would be easy to make fan work of, but I had a surprisingly hard time coming up with material, and instead I wound up with a lot from Koharu-chan’s route, which has plenty of heavy developments of its own in CC.

I did end up using an entire page for Nakagawa-san… Perhaps that was a show of my desire for a Nakagawa-san route.

I was glad to be able to draw stories about secondary characters like Io and Takeya, but I regret not managing to draw anything with Takahiro-kun. He’s such a good guy that I want to see him happy, whatever happens.


When I start talking about WA2 I tend to go on and on forever, so I’ll excuse myself here. I hope I get another chance to draw something like this.

And thank you so much for reading this far!


Tohgo Mutsuki                June 2015


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Title:                                    How to Find Happiness

Publishing info:                 Date published:               June 21st, 2015

Publisher:                          Tohgo Mutsuki/White On Black


Printing:                             POPLS


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Circle:                                  White On Black

Title:                                    White Album 2 Fan Book