Hitomi Nabatame’s marriage

August 3rd, 2014 (Sun)
Happy birthday, Mana! (And, me!)
Today is Mana’s birthday.

By the considerate decision of everybody on the DokiDoki! PreCure staff,
Mana’s birthday is the same as mine.

As it happens, there are a lot of DokiPre-related birthdays today—
Raquel (Yuki Terasaka-chan),
producer Shibata,
and Mana (Hitomi Nabatame)
were all born on August 4th!
We all wished each other happy birthday. (LOL)

Having the same birthday as a character I played is awesome! We get to celebrate together every year!
My heart is leaping.

Happy birthday, Mana.

And, on a personal note…

I got married.

He’s very kind, occasionally a little strict,
with a great personality, and all around a very respectable person.
I’m a little surprised that I managed to marry someone like him. (LOL)

With this as a source of encouragement,
I intend to keep tackling my work wholeheartedly,
just like I always have.

I’m doing my best to play the role of a wife with depth!

I felt I wanted to announce this firsthand, at least to a few people,
so I held a birthday event this year.
To everyone who was able to come,
thank you for not saying anything about it on your blogs,
and for celebrating with me!
Seeing my female fans crying and being happy for me as though it were their own celebration made me feel like I might cry as well.
It made me really glad!!
I am happier than I’ve ever been.
That’s all! Thank you very much for reading this all the way to the end!!

(Note: Hitomi Nabatame later updated her website’s picture to feature herself in a wedding dress. She hasn’t changed her profile picture ever since.)

Hitomi Nabatame marriage