Heroine’s book – Mari Kazaoka

Mari Kazaoka

Mari Kazaoka-Heroine's book

“Ah, I finally did it…
To think that, on Christmas Eve of all nights,
I would end up leaving on time…”

“That’s good, right?
It’s been three months since you were able to leave on time, so now and then…”

“I don’t know, though! If I’m too blatant about it,
maybe they’ll figure us out?”

“That got out long ago. We’re fine.”

“It got out…?
Everyone knows that I’m losing my head over a younger man?”

“…You’re losing your head?”

“It’s a figure of speech! Have some sympathy!
Ah, I’m sorry. I guess I’m a bit agitated.
B-but, I’m really not used to this…
For me, Christmas has always meant
griping at Suzuki for going home early…
…I never thought he would see me off with such a lukewarm look.”

“Anyway, why don’t we start by having a drink?”

“’Start by’… What are you planning to do after that?”

“Well, we’ll have something to eat.
If you’re all right with something simple, I’ve got it laid out already.”

“That’s not what I’m asking!
You know just what I mean, and you’re riling me up on purpose.
Are you going to force me to say it myself?”

“…When it comes to that flow of things,
it’ll just happen naturally, even without putting it into words.”

“No, you want me to say it!
You, the younger man, want me to come on to you!
Enthusiastically, at that!”

“Is that so?”

“That’s not something women can bring up themselves!”

“You already did…”

“That was a rehearsal! It doesn’t count!
…For the real thing, you’ll have to initiate.”

“Then, I’ll start… Mari-san…”

“Ahhhh, wait! I’m not mentally prepared…”

“No, I’m not waiting.
I want you all to myself tonight, Mari-san.”


“You’re just a little bit different from the usual right now.
Flustered, none of your usual composure, strangely cute…”

“…Don’t call me ‘cute.’”
I’m way older than you.”

“But I mean it, so I can’t help myself.”

“R-really? You can’t help yourself…
Am I cute? Is that why you want me so much?”


“H-hah… Heeheeheehee.
Oh, god, my body is hot all over.
When I think about you losing control on me again,
I get so turned on…”

“Um, I can be gentle with you…”

“No, I like this…
It’s Christmas, after all,
so you can be even wilder with me than usual.”

“Mari-san, I’ve been thinking this for a little while, but… Actually…”

“I’m pretty sure I know exactly what you’re about to say,
so you’d better not go any further than that.”

Well, then, Mari-san, Merry Christmas…”

“Ah! W-wait a minute!
…I’m going to want to brag about this to Sawako,
so is it all right if I keep a transcription of the whole thing?”

“…Absolutely not.”

Planning: AQUAPLUS

Writer: Fumiaki Maruto

Illustration: Takeshi Nakamura

Design: Tsunoda

Publisher: Aquaplus
Nishinakajima 4-13-17 CTA, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka, 532-0011


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