Heroine’s book – Koharu Sugiura

Koharu Sugiura

Koharu Sugiura-Heroine's book

“Good work today, Senpai.
…Wow, they really did work you hard. They haven’t called you for help in a while.
Honestly, Manager Satou and Nakagawa-san…
They know very well that they don’t have enough people,
so why would they decide to do a Christmas Fair?”

“Well, I mean, it’s one of the most profitable times of the year,
so why wouldn’t they?”

“You’re too easy, Senpai.
If you keep going along with every little selfish thing they do,
we’re never going to get away
from doing free work for Goodies.”

“It’s not free work…
That was just you and me being suspicious.”

“But leaving the cleanup work to the helpers,
while everyone else goes straight home. So thoughtful…
No, it’s because they’re all lazy!”

“Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the Goodies uniform in a while.”

“Yes, it has been a while. You look very handsome, Senpai.”

“No, I was actually talking about
you, Koharu…”

“I know. That’s why I took the initiative and complimented you first.
Now, you have no choice but to praise me back,
right, Senpai?”

“…I would still compliment you,
even if you didn’t pull a trick like that.”

“Then, praise me.
Right now, over and over,
praise me, with all of your love.
Stroke my hair, caress my cheek…
Caress me everywhere, all over my body, and praise me.”

“…Wouldn’t that turn into something other than praise,
along the way?”

“Then, stop stroking me along the way, and kiss me instead.
Kiss me on the cheek, on the forehead, on the lips,
and then rain kisses down all over my body…”

“That’s going even further in another direction!”

“Oh, I suppose so…”

“Honestly, Koharu, you never even hide it any more.”

“Have I become a devil, Senpai?
Can I tempt you to all sorts of things?”

“You don’t have to tempt me.
You know I love you, with everything I have.”

“I want you to keep saying that…
So, I’m going to start saying more and more extreme things.”


“The more extreme things I say,
the bigger trouble you’ll be in if you respond.
Because, if that happens,
you’ll just want more and more.”

“I guess it’s true what they say—
about how if a serious girl cuts loose, things get out of control.”

“But I could say the same thing about you.
You’re even more serious than I am, Senpai.
That’s why you’ll do even more wild things to me
than I do to you.”

“No, you’re more serious.
That’s what makes you do all these things that far exceed my expectations,

“Like what?”

“Well, I mean…”

“Am I disgraceful?
Am I such a disgraceful girl that I surpass your expectations?
Do I shock you?”

“…All right, you win.
Of course, in a chicken game like this,
there was no possible way for me to win in the first place.”

“Heehee, that’s right.
Because I never quit.
I won’t give up until you want me desperately, Senpai.”

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