Heroine’s book – Kazusa Touma

Kazusa Touma

Kazusa Touma-Heroine's book

“Unbelievable. Making me wear something like this,
just because it’s Christmas Eve… You’re such a freak.”

“Don’t say that.
I just thought it would bring back some fond memories.”

“But, with this,
it’s obvious you just have something dirty in mind.
Taking advantage of someone’s weakness… You’re absolutely terrible.”

“Weakness? What weakness, exactly?”

“Well… the weakness I have,
that makes me unable to refuse anything you ask of me.”

“When I tell you to get up in the morning, you never get up.
You make a fuss when dinner is even a little bit late.
And then, you won’t even let me sleep at night.
…What about that says ‘unable to refuse’?”

“First, you have to spoil me. Then we can talk.
Then, I can do anything, and I will do anything.”

“Even housework?”

“You want me to do something like that?”

“Not that excuse again…”

“It’s not an excuse. See,
I firmly believe that everything I say
is correct.”

“…Correct, and yet, by a worse meaning, a failure of conscience.”

“The fact that you decided to care about me,
someone who, according to the rest of the world, has all the wrong principles,
is your biggest mistake in life, and also your biggest blessing.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, although, it’s Christmas Eve, so you don’t have much choice.
In Japan, this is the naughtiest day of the year.”

“I’ve never heard that definition before.”

“Liar. My mother told me so.
Apparently, they say you’re supposed to spend six hours at it.”

“Come on, that’s just indecent!
Also, do you seriously talk to your mother about stuff like that?!”

“Oh? Who’s calling who indecent?
You’re the one making your woman wear something this embarrassing…”

“I told you, it’s… Argh, whatever.”

“But, since you bothered to ask for it,
I suppose that, just for today, we can go back to that time.”

“That time…?”

“After that incredible day, the concert, the festival.
…I wasn’t as happy as I am now,
though I was less sad.”


“But, I want you to remember it.
If our fates had been different then,
I wouldn’t exist as I am now…”


“This ridiculous version of me,
that feels the greatest happiness in the world just from being by your side,
might not have existed.
This foolish version of me,
that developed even deeper feelings for you out of my own sense of guilt,
might not have existed.”

“You really are ridiculous and foolish.”

“Yes, I’m an idiot. A huge idiot.
That’s why I’m seducing you like this.
That’s why I’m trying to please you.
Because that’s what makes me the happiest.”

“Hey, Kazusa… Get over here.”

“At the very least, you’d better keep me in your arms for six hours.
…No, I don’t want you to let me go until the morning.”

“That’s no different from the usual.”

“Don’t say that.
You’ll make it sound like…
I couldn’t live without you.”

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