Heroine’s book – Chiaki Izumi

Chiaki Izumi

Chiaki Izumi-Heroine's book

“Heheh, what do you think? I’m Santa, just like last year.
Look, I’ve been wearing it under my clothes all day.”

“You’re ridiculous, as usual…”

“Well, it got a pretty good reception last year.
You jumped right on me!”

“That was just because your performance pulled me in!
And I got carried off in the situation of the play.”

“Maybe I should pull you in again this year.
Here, you can look all you like…”

“That’s not the kind of present Santa is supposed to give.
Don’t ruin my childhood dreams.”

Maybe I’m a Santa who makes adults’ dreams come true!”
“What you’re making come true is lust, not dreams.”

“Oh? Lust?
In other words, you’re admitting that having me come on to you in this outfit
is satisfying your lust right now?”

“Don’t change the subject.
That’s not what I’m trying to say…”

“You desire me in this outfit, don’t you?”

“…I might, so hurry up and change out of it.”

“Oh, no way!
I’m doing this because I want you to desire me,
and you’re telling me to stop because it’s happening? What kind of harassment…”

“You’re the one harassing me!”

“Why not? C’mon, it’s Christmas.
You can give me some attention now and then. All the way until morning…”

“…Fine. I’ll stay with you for the whole night.”

“Huh? Really? Yes!
All right! Then, let’s hurry up and…”

“Whoa, no, don’t start getting undressed.
We’re supposed to be working on our seminar reports right now.
They’re due by the end of the year.”

You’re such an awful man! You impotent tyrant!
Which is more important, sex or writing reports?”

“The report, obviously!
This could seriously keep you from graduating!”

“I don’t really care if I don’t graduate.
I mean, I only started at this university in the first place
because I was chasing after you.”

“Don’t try to make this into some big moving story.”

“Also, even without college,
I’m gonna make my debut soon anyway.
Actresses don’t need a fancy academic history.”

“If you debut right now,
the only future I can see is as a starving member of some poor theatrical troupe.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just have you support me, then.
In return, once I’m a big success,
I’ll provide for you for the rest of your life.”

“You really want me to trust a gamble like that?
Wait, and also,
that means my only choice is to end up with you.”

“No worries, no worries!
I won’t throw you away just because I got famous.
I mean, at the beginning, I might hide the fact that I have a man,
but that’s just the price of being a celebrity…!”

“You’re letting this delusion get way out of hand.
Fine, whatever.
I’ll let you off the hook today,
so tomorrow, you’d better get to work on that report.”

Fine, then we’d better screw until our hips give out tonight!
Then, since neither of us will be able to stand up,
we can just loaf around until the new year…”

“Isn’t that the same as what we did last year?”

“Heehee… Lucky…!”

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