Good Morning!

Good Morning


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Title:                                    Good Morning!



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Text:                                    Setsuna

I was on Team Kazusa at first, but I’m leaning more and more toward Setsuna now…


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Title:                                    Summer Snow

Summer 2009

LilyLilyRose Appendbook


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Text:                                    This was one prospect for the cover. Something didn’t feel quite right… I realized that I had gone too full-throttle with my own tastes, so, tragically, I had to nix it.


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Text:                                    Kazusa

No matter how many times I draw her, that long black hair of hers is difficult… I just can’t make it mine…


Mura-sama is really the god of straight black hair… I was glad to see it in WA2, after Kusakabe-san! It’s so pretty!


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Text:                                    Comiket 78 Setsuna StickPoster

Comic 1*4 Kazusa StickPoster


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Text:                                    I had another deadline I was working under and no room to turn my head, so this wound up being a book of reprints… Aaaack…

It’s for a festival, so I hope you’ll forgive me.


They’re all from around the time that WA2 had just been announced, so I wasn’t that familiar yet, to my sorrow.

But the new ones I drew look pretty good, if I do say so myself!


I’ve actually been thinking about a lot of stuff. A Setsuna book, for example…


Huh? You’re wondering when I switched sides? Heheheh. I don’t think it’s so bad! The way she waits and waits for Haruki makes her seem even more like a loyal dog, if you ask me… Maruto-san…


Well, anyway, I think I’ll make another Setsuna book at some point! See you around!


Natsuki Mibu


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Title:                                    Good Morning!