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Title:                                    Galore Café Mini



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Top text:                             Good morning/evening/day, I’m 2C=Garoa. A celebration! For Last Stage 3! At the moment, I’m deep in the midst of crunch time for the WA2 manga adaptation, so all I can give you is a connection of roughs, but I hope you enjoy them a bit, at least!

Bottom text:                     I’ll start by zipping from doodles to various rejected covers, and from there to early character designing.

Sketch note:                      Snow in bg


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Text:                                    At the beginning, I practiced drawing Kazusa a lot, because I couldn’t get her to come out the way I wanted. But they all wound up looking like illustrations… This is hard…


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Text:                                    A few Setsunas. The bottom left is a doodle from the very start, when I was thinking of going with a shojo manga sort of style. The top left and bottom right are current manga sketches. The doodle was for CC, so she looks a bit older.


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Text:                                    A few Kazusas. I wasn’t able to draw the top one for the manga, which was SUPER FRUSTRATING, so I’m glad I was able to put it here!


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Text:                                    Throwing a cover sketch here.

I actually wanted to have a lot of images like this for the manga, but the composition went in a certain direction—like “X doing X with X?! Can I do that?!” So, unfortunately…

Actually, how much of this am I allowed to talk about?! There aren’t a lot of works that make me want to go on and on like this about which character’s team I’m on, which ending I like best, etc… Once the whole thing is done, I’d like to talk about all of it…


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Text:                                    I really love the relationship between the three of them in IC. It’s like, now that they’ve started, they’ve got no choice but to see it through to the end.


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*no text


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Text:                                    Character portraits I drew to use as screen tone references. I realized later on that when I draw the lines in key art and illustration references, they’re too thin and lack impact… I really need to study up a little more in that area.


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Text:                                    Cover sketch. Personally, I wanted to have the protagonist on the back cover, too…


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Text:                                    White Album 2 is the first adult game I’ve played in several years. White Album was my favorite game from Leaf, so I was very much looking forward to this one. I always expect too much out of sequels and end up getting disappointed, but WA2 was so far above and beyond that I could barely contain myself, and at one point I was thinking of putting out a doujinshi.

However, the story is so perfectly complete, and the policy at Honkimo is “imagining beyond the ending,” so, realizing that anything I did would be redundant, I gave up on it. This was about a year ago. I never remotely imagined that I would be able to draw its manga adaptation. It’s hard to express how emotional I am.

I’m working with a 100-page-per-month output crunch, plus the Hell of not being able to use any lyrics for a WA story, but I’m working diligently to make it something that will make all the fans of WA happy, so I hope you’ll give it a read when you see it!


I’ll leave off there for now…

Publishing info:  Galore Café Mini



Release date:     November 3 (Last Stage 3)

Publisher:           Honnokimochiya

Artist:                   2C=Garoa

Printer:                aishi Printing


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Circle name:         Honnokimochiya