Coda’s Common Route I

To enable understanding of what transpires in all four White Album 2 Coda endings, it is first necessary to understand the longest route of the whole game. Throughout, Haruki will make several choices that determine the chain of events.

The story starts one year after the end of “Closing Chapter,” following Setsuna’s route. Haruki is now working for the Kaio company in a magazine agency, and Setsuna has obtained a job at Knight’s Records. For the past two years, they have been a very happy couple, and Haruki’s interest in Setsuna hasn’t wavered for a moment; in fact, his feelings and desire for her have only grown deeper. [1]

[1] I can never lose interest. On the contrary, my feelings and desire only keep growing deeper.

Their relationship, however, is complicated when Haruki discovers he has to go to France for a work assignment. [2] According to Setsuna, if she were still a college student, she wouldn’t be able to go so far away even if she wanted to. [3] But now, it’s different, she has enough independence and financial means to go anywhere she wants. [4] Naturally, Haruki tries to reassure her, [5] but Setsuna still refuses to leave his side. Scrambling for something to make her feel better, he then promises to bring her back some souvenirs, yet this only makes her even more upset. She snaps back that she isn’t such a cheap woman that her forgiveness can be bought with souvenirs, and that he doesn’t understand her at all. [6] Setsuna can’t help but cry [7] because Haruki still doesn’t seem to realize that all she wants is to be with him.

[2] Europe?
[3] Europe is so far away… Back when I was a student, I wouldn’t have been able to go there even if I wanted to.
[4] But I can go now. Both my money and ability to take action are completely different from that time. Therefore… I can fly anywhere…
[5] So, in order to reassure Setsuna, I lowered my arm wrapped around her shoulders and took her hand.
[6] Haruki-kun, you don’t understand me at all! I am not such a cheap woman that you can buy my forgiveness with expensive souvenirs!
[7] Setsuna’s voice, coming from inside the futon, sounded as if she was seriously in tears.

Eventually, and even though it would cost a lot of money, Haruki yields to Setsuna’s request: she will visit him in France so that they can at least spend Christmas Eve together. [8] Later on, they eat with her family. There is some tension in the air because Setsuna’s father doesn’t want his daughter to go overseas, [9] but Haruki claims that he will guarantee her safety. [10] After the meal, it begins to dawn on Setsuna that Haruki resembles her father. [11] Maybe, she says, her falling in love with him was inevitable. She is, after all, her mother’s daughter. [12]

[8] December 24… I want to go to the Christmas Mass with you. At Strasbourg Cathedral.
[9] But, going overseas… If by any chance something were to happen to Setsuna…
[10] I guarantee Setsuna’s safety while we are traveling together.
[11] I think, Haruki-kun, I may have seen a bit of Father in you.
[12] That’s why… perhaps my falling in love with you was inevitable. I am my mother’s daughter, after all.

The past two years had been going perfectly for the couple. [13] Haruki and Setsuna are deeply in love with each other, and they frequently make love. [14] Their wish is to be immersed in such bliss forever, [15] and they are also inexpressibly pleased to know that they make their partners feel so happy. [16][17] Setsuna’s good fortune was actually plain for everyone to see, and Io tells Haruki how glad it makes her. It had indeed been painful to constantly watch her friend cry for three years because Haruki was avoiding her. [18][19] But now, all of that had ended. Io does, however, also insinuate that their situation still isn’t enough for Setsuna: she is now anticipating a marriage proposal. [20]

[13] While my whole body was being bathed in happiness…
[14] As I forcefully turned her face sideways and violently sucked her lips, her tongue entered my mouth, as if sucked in, and I moved it vigorously, heightening our pleasure.
[15] I want to be immersed in such bliss forever.
[16] I can feel happiness from Setsuna, too. And her happiness makes me happy.
[17] … Thank you. You being happy brings me happiness, Haruki-kun.
[18] Actually, I, too, was quite happy. …Because I was always by Setsuna’s side, watching her tears.
[19] You, of all people, should understand. You, who continued avoiding Setsuna for three years…
[20] It’s been two years since then, right? You are completely capable of standing on your own already. Setsuna… is waiting for you, you know?

The day Haruki has to depart for France finally arrives, and just as promised, Setsuna later chases after him. [21] But something unexpected changes the situation: the person Haruki is supposed to interview is Kazusa. After 5 years, they are destined to meet again. As it turns out, however, Haruki doesn’t have to wait until the interview to see her. This is because as soon as Kazusa catches a glimpse of him getting into a taxi, she immediately starts to run after him (Note 1: Kazusa doesn’t live in France, she is there for a few days because of a business trip. Neither Haruki nor Setsuna were aware of this. / Note 2: Kazusa chasing after Haruki is a hidden scene that is shown after replaying the game.)

[21] This promise definitely won’t be broken. So I came all the way here. Chasing after you, Haruki-kun…

Extremely agitated and anxious to meet Haruki again, [22] Kazusa rushes to get into a cab and tells the driver to follow his car. [23] Not long after, she has to continue her search on foot, and injures her foot in her haste. [24] A local man then offers help, urging her to go to the hospital, [25] but to his amazement, [26][27] Kazusa simply removes her shoe and continues her march, as determined as she was before. After much suffering and perseverance, [28][29] she finally meets Haruki, but pretends it was simply a coincidence that she ran into him. Haruki asks her if she’s with someone, but she is just with her mother. Conversely, Kazusa immediately realizes that not only is he still going out with Setsuna, but that they are even in Strasbourg together. [30][31]

[22] Hah… Ah… Haah.… Ha… Haa…
[23] G-G-… Go after that car!
[24] ~~~! Ow…Ow… Ouch…!
[25] Or are you going to a hospital? In that case, there’s one nearby…
[26] Stop it! It’s snowing, you know? Going barefoot is just insane!
[27] What’re you going to do if you hurt your bones?! Come back!
[28] …… Haruki.
[29] Ahahahaha… Fufu… Fufufu…!
[30] You are with someone, aren’t you? Since you were talking on the phone…
[31] So you came together. You came to France together with Setsuna.

A choice is now set before Haruki: he will either tell Kazusa that he’s been dating Setsuna for two years or that he’s about to propose to her. After this revelation, Kazusa sighs, but not in the seductive way she had before. [32][33] She wants him to know he made the right choice—that, even if he were to search the whole world, he wouldn’t find a better lover than Setsuna, someone so lovely, gentle and devoted. [34] Kazusa also manages to congratulate him, [35][36] and tells him to be happy. [37] It would almost seem as if she had given them her blessing, and she had spoken so well of Setsuna. However, Haruki quickly perceives a fatal contradiction in her seeming indifference [38] —even though she knows Setsuna is nearby, she doesn’t go meet her. [39][40]

[32] Kazusa looked at the ceiling again and sighed, “Oh.”
[33] In contrast to the previous troubling sigh, this was a deliberately emotionless, languid one.
[34] Even if you searched the whole world, you wouldn’t find such a wonderful lover. Lovely, gentle, large-hearted, devoted…
[35] Congratu…lations.
[36] Yes yes… Well, that’s right… haha…
[37] Be happy… That goes without saying, though.
[38] The fatal contradiction lurking within that honor-student attitude of hers.
[39] Although she knows that Setsuna is very close…
[40] Kazusa does not utter the words “I want to meet her”.

In the end, Haruki decides to help Kazusa with her injured foot, so he arrives late to Christmas Mass with Setsuna. [41] He also decides not to tell her about his encounter with Kazusa, instead making it seem like the reason he was absent was work. Although Setsuna is very disappointed that she couldn’t go to Mass with Haruki, [42] she believes it was responsible of him to stay at work. [43] Besides, she says, they are still able to walk the streets of Strasbourg together, and for her, it’s more than enough [44][45] just to be with him. As long as he does his best for her, everything will be all right. [46]

[41] I couldn’t meet Setsuna on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t meet her for a week.
[42] Setsuna had been looking forward to the Christmass Mass, and I spoiled that, too.
[43] Haruki-kun, you did the right thing. Keep your head high.
[44] Besides, we were able to meet like this. We are walking the streets of Strasbourg together… That’s more than enough for me.
[45] Perhaps we can spend the night together. Maybe, we can go sightseeing as well.
[46] Yes, that much is fine. If you do your best for my sake, it will be all right.

Afterwards, Haruki interviews Kazusa and her mother. Youko actually remembers Haruki very well, and even comments that seeing his face might give her daughter a panic attack. [47] The interview is conducted naturally, and when Kazusa is asked about where she plans to go on future tours, she states that she definitely won’t be coming back to Japan. [48] As the interview comes to a close, however, Kazusa mentions offhand—that she plays the piano 10 hours a day, [49] and it’s all because of him. [50] Not wanting that last part exposed, Youko asks Haruki to keep it off the record. [51] A while later, she tells him how much she regrets her daughter being so unreasonable, [52] but there’s nothing she can do about it, because that’s how Kazusa has always been towards Guitar-kun [53] —Venting her emotions, regretting, hesitating, going around in circles… She just doesn’t remember having given birth to such a maiden. [54] And yet, to the best of her knowledge, only him can truly understand Kazusa. [55]

[47] Did you think there wasn’t? If that girl sees your face unexpectedly, she may have a panic attack.
[48] Nevertheless, I am not going to Japan. That much is certain.
[49] However, I am still forced to practice ten hours per day. I face the piano every day as if it’s some kind of joke.
[50] It’s all your fault.
[51] Please… keep this part off-the-record, okay?
[52] You don’t really need to apologize. It was Kazusa who was unreasonable. Maybe for the first time in my life I’ve been forced to smooth things over after her.
[53] Yeah, that’s how she has always been towards you, Guitar-kun…
[54] Venting various emotions, lashing out, regretting, hesitating, going around in circles… I don’t remember giving birth to such a maiden.
[55] To the best of my knowledge, there is only one person remaining in Japan who understands her.

Haruki decides to turn his back on Kazusa, [56][57] but quickly realizes how fragile that decision is, when, almost involuntarily, he finds himself asking her to play the piano. [58] Later, he leaves to meet Setsuna. She immediately spots him in the crowd and joyfully hurries over, [59] immensely pleased that he was able to finish his work for the day. Now, she tells him, they can be together all night in that beautiful town. [60] As Haruki and Setsuna have their romantic time together, Kazusa suddenly reveals to her mother that she intends to go back to Japan to play. [61] Youko, very shocked, asks why. The reason, she answers, is that Haruki wants to hear her play the piano. [62]

[56] So I, too, turned my back on Kazusa.
[57] Because Setsuna is waiting.
[58] Kazusa’s piano… I want to hear it, after all this time.
[59] Setsuna was right there, saw me in no time, and joyfully hurried over.
[60] Yay! So we’ll be together all night… In this beautiful town…
[61] All the same… I’ll go. I am going to play the piano.
[62] He… told me to let him hear me play. He said he wanted to listen to my piano.

The next day, Haruki and Setsuna return to Japan. Shortly thereafter, the news begins to spread that the famous idol Kazusa Touma is going to give a concert on January twenty seventh. Of course, Haruki is very surprised at Kazusa’s sudden change of mind. She had been so emphatic when saying she would never return to Japan, [63] so why was she taking those words back only two days later? [64] Setsuna also learns about Kazusa visiting Japan, and unsurprisingly, she immediately tells Haruki. Afterwards, they eat together with her family, and then make a family shrine visit. [65] When they return home, Haruki relaxes and watches TV. He then tries to be fully present and engaged, and to have some heart-soothing time with his girlfriend. [66]

[63] Even Kazusa said, “It’s already over.” “I am not going to Japan.” “That much is certain”…
[64] And yet, why… In just two days, she is taking back what she said…
[65] While her father was looking at me with a vague expression, I relaxed and made myself comfortable as if I was a member of the family.
[66] I spent such idle, uneventful… and heart-soothing time together with Setsuna…

It isn’t long, however, before Setsuna asks Haruki if he wants to meet Kazusa. [67] She knows she shouldn’t—that she is getting ahead of herself—, but Haruki had been unusually gloomy [68] and distracted. She feels strangely conflicted: despite wanting to know why he’s been acting strange, at the same time, she doesn’t. [69] The cause of all this, Haruki realizes, is that he had been too conscious of Kazusa, and was allowing it to affect him. Eventually, Setsuna explains that she won’t forbid him from seeing Kazusa, [70] but makes it clear that if he does, he has to remain being the same as he is now. [71] It was plain to see that Setsuna was anxious; his own anxiety had infected her. [72][73]

[67] Do you want to… go meet Kazusa?
[68] Yes, I am getting ahead of myself. That’s because you’ve been too gloomy, Haruki-kun.
[69] And I wanted to hear the reason… But somehow I didn’t really want to ask, and it all felt so awkward…
[70] I won’t tell you not to meet Kazusa… I am not praying to God for any such thing…
[71] As long as you are being yourself, I have no objection. Just the way you are now.
[72] Setsuna was animated because she was anxious. My anxiety had infected her.
[73] It was because I am too conscious of Kazusa. I had been too concerned about her.

Haruki now has two choices: he can either tell Setsuna the truth or reassure her that he will never meet Kazusa again. [74] If he chooses the latter, he simply claims that he has no spare time to meet up with Kazusa. [75] Of course, both of them realize that is no answer at all. [76] That’s why Setsuna’s anxiety was not dispelled and, no matter how much Haruki insisted she was the only one for him, she couldn’t accept it from the bottom of her heart. [77] Needless to say, her reaction was understandable; she was not so foolish so as to let her heart be deceived by such a half-baked lie. [78] Haruki was just postponing the problem, obtaining a temporary tranquility by avoiding making a decision. [79][80] On the other hand, if Haruki chooses the option of revealing he had met Kazusa on Christmas Eve, [81] Setsuna is completely shocked by his betrayal. [82] Haruki then realizes he should have told the truth immediately to relieve Setsuna’s anxiety, but it was too late—by an entire week. [83]

[74] In any case, I won’t meet Touma ever again.
[75] More importantly, I want to cherish my time with you, Setsuna. I have no spare time to meet up with her.
[76] That answer was no answer at all. We both knew that.
[77] That’s why Setsuna’s anxiety was not completely dispelled. No matter how much I insisted that Setsuna was the only one, she didn’t show acceptance from the bottom of her heart.
[78] That’s to be expected… Setsuna was not such a foolish woman whose heart could be deceived by my half-baked lie.
[79] It was just postponing the problem. Escaping the reality in front of one’s eyes. A temporary tranquility resulting from not making a decision.
[80] Anyway, this matter is over. Let’s go back, Setsuna. To “our” room.
[81] About how my reunion with Kazusa was on Christmas Eve.
[82] Setsuna was shell-shocked. She was shocked by my betrayal.
[83] But it’s already too late. It’s a whole week too late.

Even if Haruki had chosen to conceal the truth, Setsuna naturally finds out anyway. And, after reading his article, she becomes distressed to the point that Haruki wonders if she is sick. [84][85] Upon being questioned by Haruki, Setsuna blurts out the reason for her distress, and admits she had not said he couldn’t meet Kazusa. [86] But, she explains, that wasn’t the same as saying he could meet her in secret. [87] Obviously, she wanted to know about that. [88] Even if it was Kazusa, Setsuna goes on to tell him, the fact remained that he had secretly been with another woman in private. [89] Yet again, Haruki realizes he should have revealed everything in the first place and made up with Setsuna before their trip ended. Then everything would have been solved. [90] But he hadn’t.

[84] Do you have a fever?
[85] Where does it hurt? Your head? Your stomach? Or is it that your body feels heavy?
[86] I, I said so, didn’t I . . . ? “Don’t meet Kazusa.” — I said I won’t ask you that.
[87] But… But, you see, it’s just that… that’s a bit different from saying “You can meet her in secret”.
[88] I would have liked to know about your meeting with Kazusa…
[89] Meeting another girl in private… Even if it was Kazusa, I didn’t want you to keep it secret.
[90] We would have been able to solve it before the trip ended.

Setsuna even begins to feel guilty—believing that she is the one who acted badly. She knew Haruki and Kazusa liked each other, and yet, she had forced her will and taken him. [91][92] Now, Haruki becomes painfully aware that his betrayal has deeply hurt Setsuna from the bottom of her heart. The day he met Kazusa in France, he had chosen the lowest option. It becomes apparent that Setsuna needs some time alone to think, and Haruki promises he won’t try to reach her until she contacts him again. [93] After that, Setsuna emphatically makes it clear she will definitely talk to him again, [94] and Haruki reassures her that he will wait for her.

[91] After all… after all… Looking backward, I was the one who forced her way.
[92] Although you liked each other, I was the one who took Haruki-kun away from Kazusa…
[93] I understand; I’ll be waiting. Until you contact me, I won’t try to reach you.
[94] Haruki-kun! I will definitely—…I will definitely contact you! So, so…

A while later, Setsuna tells her friend Tomo about the anxiety she has been feeling regarding her boyfriend. Naturally, Tomo tries to ease her mind by pointing out that Kazusa is a celebrity now, and won’t be concerned with someone like Haruki. [95] After all, even as devoted as Setsuna is to Haruki, he is still just an ordinary guy. [96] So this not the time, Tomo says, for her usual endless professions of love for him. [97] Tomo’s arguments make Setsuna feel better, but her doubts still persist. This is because she knows Haruki isn’t just special to her; [98] he’s also special to Kazusa. [99] Still, Tomo insists, Haruki would never abandon or hurt her [100] —so it doesn’t even matter how much Kazusa loves him. [101] Later, Setsuna reminisces about the old days, when her and Kazusa were best friends, and implies that she would have liked to talk to Kazusa again. Of course, supporting Haruki’s decision, she won’t even try to contact her best friend, but that’s not something she can be sincerely happy about. [102][103] Their conversation ends with Tomo persuading Setsuna to sing in a public music performance to distract her from her worries.

[95] Now that she’s such a celebrity, why would she still concern herself with someone like Kitahara-san…
[96] No offense, but however devoted to him you may be, the fact that he is just an ordinary guy remains unchanged.
[97] Now is not the time for one of your usual endless professions of affection, Setsuna. I am just assessing the odds.
[98] Still… he’s very special to me.
[99] Even for Kazusa… he was very special.
[100] That’s exactly why I don’t think he is the kind of person who would ever do something that would cause him to give up his current position… or something that would cause you grief, Setsuna.
[101] S-so what I’m saying is…! No matter how much Touma Kazusa likes Kitahara-san…
[102] And, even though my friend came back after five years, I don’t even try to contact her. I can’t sincerely feel happy about it. I’m such a bad girl~ There.
[103] Oh no, self-resentment… Something like this would unnecessarily cause Haruki-kun to get fed up with me.

As it turns out, Tomo is right about Haruki not wanting to hurt his girlfriend. [104] Indeed, it had become apparen how much it upsets Setsuna whenever he was with Kasuza, [105] and so, he had decided to avoid her. Unfortunately, this proves difficult for him to do when Kazusa, already mentally unstable according to Youko, encounters a series of new stressful events. She has a quarrel with her mother, [106] is pestered by a persistent female reporter, gets lost, and eventually comes down with a high fever. Kazusa finds that the only number she can remember is Haruki’s, [107] so she calls him out of desperation. When he discovers that Kazusa is ill and alone, Haruki realizes he has no choice but to help her. He leads Touma to his apartment and takes care of her.

[104] I don’t want to hurt Setsuna anymore.
[105] Even if nothing happens, just the fact that I am together with Kazusa seems enough to throw Setsuna off balance.
[106] Unlike you, I can draw the line.
[107] Seriously… To remember just one, just this one number… What is wrong with me…

The next day, Youko visits Haruki’s apartment and finally reveals that she wants him to help her daughter. As they discuss what to do about Kazusa’s condition, she is sleeping with a peaceful, happy expression on her face; just being with him for a few hours had eased her mind. Yet Haruki still doesn’t understand why he needs to be the one to take care of her. [108] Youko then explains—as she had hinted at earlier—that she wants him to show to the world her true face that she shows only to him. [109] Obviously, if Kazusa doesn’t get help soon, her career will begin to suffer. And Youko firmly belives that holding a concert in her current condition would, without question, turn into a disaster. [110][111] That said, she had already figured out a way for Haruki to spend more time with her daughter: he could be the only reporter given access to Kazusa for interviews.

[108] Why? Why me…
[109] Because I want you to show everyone. Her true face that she shows only to you.
[110] If she holds the actual concert in her current condition, I’m sure Kazusa’s performance will turn into something hideous.
[111] Anyway, think about it. I’m going to contact the editorial department one more time at the beginning of next week.

Not long afterwards, Haruki decides to accept the job. [112] He then talks to his manager, Hamada, who explains that Youko had actually been to their editorial department before. Apparently, other reporters had been stirring up trouble for Kazusa and her mother, [113] so they had changed residences to evade them. [114] In sum, Hamada is pleased to report, all their competitors have lost track of Kazusa and her mother, and their company has a monopoly on news about the famous pianist. [115] Naturally, it now falls on Haruki, Kazusa’s former classmate, to follow her around-the-clock. By the time Hamada finishes his speech, Haruki has already come to see what a cunning, mischievous woman Youko can be. [116] A feeling of foreboding hangs over him, [117] but he decides to ignore it. Meanwhile, Setsuna, wanting to see how Haruki is doing, visits him only to discover that he’s away. [118] Disappointed, she returns home dejectedly. [119]

[112] I will do it. Please let me handle Touma Kazusa’s feature article.
[113] Apparently reporters turned up at the hotel several times, stirring up all kinds of trouble.
[114] It seems the two of them have rented separate rooms in the city in order to bamboozle the other companies. In addition, I heard that they’re changing the practice location.
[115] Which means, everyone other than us has lost the trail of Touma Kazusa. …It’s a completely exclusive scoop, Kitahara!
[116] Touma Youko, cackling? That no-common-sense, mischievous woman?
[117] I kinda have a very bad feeling about this…
[118] He’s away, huh…
[119] I’ll go home…

Complicating matters even further, Haruki’s right to interview Kazusa is conditional: in order to interview her, he has to take care of her. As a result, Haruki finds himself spending a great deal of time with Kazusa, and he soon finds that what Youko had told him was actually true. [120] Still, he wonders whether it’s really his responsibility to protect her. [121][122] Meanwhile, Kazusa is struggling. The only reason she came back was to perform for one person, Haruki, [123] but now she was having to talk to him again. Why would Youko put her in this situation. After all, her mother knew that she would enjoy it so much, that she would be so happy… [124] but she also knew that, when the time came to leave Japan, it would so painful for her… [125][126]

[120] I thought Youko-san’s words were caused by unfounded fears, but maybe there is some substance to them…
[121] Do I… have to be the one to protect her, after all?
[122] The woman I need to keep away more than any other for the sake of my little future…?
[123] Because… I came to Japan only to show you Touma Kazusa at her best, you know?
[124] You knew I would enjoy it so much… You knew I would be so happy…
[125] You knew that if I returned home feeling like this, it would be even more painful, and still…
[126] I resent you, Mom…

At one point, Kazusa asks Haruki how things have been for the last five years between him and Setsuna. Haruki explains that the first three years had been a struggle, and that he had continually hurt Setsuna. [127][128] Finally, though, she regained her ability to sing, [129] and for the last two years, things had gone well not only between him and Setsuna, but also with their friends and her family. Dealing with this topic, however, makes Haruki reminisce about his school days, and he starts internally monologuing about how he had loved both Setsuna and Kazusa. [130] Back then, he was fearless, and simply treated them equally. [131] But now, Haruki has finally come to realize, being in love with 2 people is not permitted. [132] They had all become too mature for him to innocently say, “I love both of them.” [133]

[127] It took three whole years. For 3 whole years, I continued hurting Setsuna.
[128] Those three years of struggle felt very long indeed.
[129] Until Setsuna regained her ability to sing once again.
[130] I simply loved both. It was an even if I love both, there’s no problem kind of situation.
[131] I knew no fear. I treated Setsuna and Kazusa equally.
[132] Being in love with both of them is not permitted.
[133] We have become too mature for me to say innocently, “I love both of them.”

The time for Setsuna’s performance finally arrives, and Tomo invites her boyfriend to see her sing Routes. Yet Haruki, staying true to his promise to Setsuna, chooses not to attend. Instead, he gives his ticket to Kazusa, who wanted to see her sing. As she watches Setsuna’s performance, she is glad to see that her friend has achieved happiness, but Kazusa also feels pain in her heart [134] (Note: It is later revealed Setsuna had seen Kazusa at the concert but decides not to approach her.) As the time she must part with Haruki draws nearer—and with her own concert just one week away—Kazusa wishes so much to be with him before he makes up with Setsuna. [135] In order to console her, Haruki has the choice of either embracing her or lending her his chest. [136] Kazusa holds him, and cries for several minutes. [137][138]

[134] When I had that thought… Well, I was happy that Setsuna was smiling, but I felt pain in my heart.
[135] Before you make up with Setsuna… One time only, let me…
[136] 1) Embrace her 2) Lend her my chest
[137] Kazusa was acting peevishly in my chest.
[138] Haruki… Haruki… ahhhh… Whoo…

Setsuna’s performance turns out to be a great success, and afterwards, Tomo delightedly says that everyone is waiting for her. It is when Setsuna declines the offer, claiming to head home, [139] that Tomo sees right through her: she intended to go to Haruki’s apartment. [140][141] Normally, Tomo wouldn’t be rude enough to voice that thought out loud, [142] but she can’t stand her friend giving in so easily. Haruki had lied to her, and Setsuna needed to be strong and keep a distance for a while. [143] But now, without anything having been resolved yet, she wasjust going to forgive him? [144] Setsuna, however, replies that this isn’t about having forgiven him or not—it’s just that it’s turned out to be her who can’t endure the separation any longer. [145] She is hopeless, and loves him way too much. [146] Almost immediately afterwards, though, Tomo discovers what Haruki has been up to, [147] and tells Setsuna what a tremendous traitor he is. [148]

[139] It’s already late; I’m going home. Say sorry to everyone for me.
[140] You intend to go to Kitahara-san’s place, don’t you?
[141] If you are there, you wouldn’t be hassled about your curfew. A simple call saying the brief line “I’m staying over” would be enough.
[142] Oh, come on . . . Even if you notice a thing like that, it is good manners not to mention it.
[143] But, Setsuna, he was lying to you, right? And that’s why you said you would distance yourself from him for a while.
[144] Although nothing has been resolved yet, you’re going to forgive him…?
[145] It’s not a question of whether I’ll forgive him or not… It’s just that I’m the one who couldn’t endure it any longer.
[146] A~h, I’m hopeless, after all. I love him way too much.
[147] Now is a bad time… You definitely shouldn’t go to him!
[148] I’m telling you, it’s no good… He… Kitahara is a tremendous traitor!

(Meanwhile, Haruki continues spending his days with Kazusa and, as promised, takes care of the housework for her. Sometimes, Kazusa tries to do something for him, [149] but it always ends in disaster, [150][151] so Haruki soon learns that it’s actually better to do everything himself.)

[149] Haruki, will you have some, too? Breakfast.
[150] Don’t you eat either! I’ll prepare it again.
[151] When I glanced at the toaster oven, black smoke was still rising from it.

Brooding over the possibility of Haruki’s betrayal, Setsuna becomes extremely downcast, and starts thinking about her performance. Despite how well the concert had gone—how many people actually remembered her, and how they had all welcomed her warmly—by the end of the performance, she had felt like crying. [152] As she sang, her thoughts wandered to Haruki, and she found that not only did she want to forgive him, [153] but she also wanted him to forgive her for saying selfish things. [154] She longed to meet him, to pour out all her feelings… and to make up with him. [155][156][157] Those were her thoughts at the time. [158] Setsuna then tries to convince herself that his betrayal must surely be a delusion, [159][160] and that the girl was mistaken. Yes, she decides, there can be no doubt about it. After all, it is impossible. [161] Just one more time, though, she would like to hear him say that he’s not hiding anything. That there are no secrets between them. [162][163] That she can trust him. [164]

[152] And so, when I finished singing, I felt like crying. Various thoughts were swirling around in my head.
[153] Forgiving Haruki-kun.
[154] And wanting Haruki-kun to forgive me, who keeps saying such selfish things. Gently, if possible.
[155] Wanting to meet Haruki-kun. Wanting to vent my feelings, with all my might, to him when we meet. Particularly, all the mean words that could hurt him.
[156] And if that made us quarrel more. No, I don’t even want to imagine such a thing though.
[157] Doing our best and talking things over. And making up.
[158] That time, I really thought so.
[159] What I am going to say now is merely a delusion. So, please don’t let it bother you.
[160] You don’t have to reply, either.
[161] I think that girl was probably mistaken. No, there is no doubt about it. After all, it’s impossible.
[162] So please, Haruki-kun. Answer me honestly one more time.
[163] You are not hiding anything else, are you? There are no secrets between us, right?
[164] I can trust you, can’t I?

The story continues in Coda’s Common Route (part II,) which we will upload soon. We will add images when we have completed the summary of this route.