Closing Chapter’s Common Route

White Album 2 Closing Chapter is the longest and main part of the game, talking about Haruki and Setsuna’s university life. There are 4 routes available in this part (Koharu, Mari, Izumi and Setsuna) and each one of them has its own ending between Haruki and the heroine he chooses to spend the rest of his life with. There is also a common route ending where Haruki remains indecisive, he can’t choose any of the heroines. Even though it hurts, Setsuna still wants to be close to Haruki in this ending and the final scene is her falling asleep on Haruki’s shoulder. As the main heroine, Setsuna’s route is connected to the Coda part.


The story starts three years after the events of Introductory Chapter. Even though Setsuna has been trying her hardest to become Haruki’s girlfriend for all these years, Haruki avoids her to the point that usually he doesn’t even answer her calls. Despite wanting to study English or Literature, Setsuna opts to study Economics just like Haruki, simply so she can spend more time with him. However, one year after the Introductory Chapter’s events, Haruki takes his avoidance of Setsuna a step further by changing courses, [1][2][3] which sends Setsuna into a state of depression. Even Takeya, Haruki’s best friend, describes her as ‘crying like there’s no tomorrow’. But, after reading Kaiou Graph’s magazine, Setsuna finds out Kazusa had finished second in an international competition and uses this chance to get closer to Haruki. What she doesn’t know is that Haruki has a part-time job there so he was already aware of it, but he feigns ignorance.

[1] Changing departments…?
[2] … We can still see each other, right?
[3] Um, hey… In the future can I still call you?


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Haruki usually ignores both her calls and text messages, but this time she hopes he’ll reply after hearing the news, and sends him a message telling him to read this week’s Kaiou Graph. [4] She tells him to call her back at any time of day [5] or night and begs to let her hear his voice. [6] Even though Haruki was already aware of Kazusa’s news, he calls Setsuna and feigns ignorance. They talk over the phone for two hours. After he hangs up, Setsuna apologizes to Kazusa for using her. [7]

[4] Um, so… Haruki-kun, did you read this week’s Kaiou Graph? If you haven’t, definitely go take a look. And… if you’d like, please contact me afterwards.
[5] Any time today is fine. I’ll be up all night. Early morning is fine too.
[6] So, um… If, if you have the time… If it’s okay with you, um… Let me… hear your voice…
[7] Kazusa… Thank you. And, I’m sorry… I… ended up using you again.

A while later, Setsuna, hoping for another long chat with Haruki, calls him at exactly the same time as before. To her surprise it is Haruki’s classmate, Chiaki, who answers the phone and takes a message. When Chiaki informs Haruki about the call, he makes the decision not to ease Setsuna’s mind by calling her back and clarifying that Chiaki had only been in his apartment so that he can help her with her studies.


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Soon afterward, Setsuna runs away from home and Haruki receives a late night call from her family who are worried as to where she is. It becomes clear that they have made the assumption Setsuna has lost track of time after being with her boyfriend, Haruki. The truth, however, is that Setsuna had kept lying to her family all these years, telling them she spent a lot of time with him, while in reality she either spent that time alone, sulking, or her friends Io and Takeya would try to cheer her up. Haruki apologizes to her family and lies saying she is with him. After a while, Haruki finds Setsuna and instantly makes up an excuse for her to tell her family. He says she should tell them that they had gone to an art gallery and then they went to eat dinner at a restaurant. After that, they had lost track of time and missed the last train as a result.

However, Setsuna is deeply hurt by his words. She tells him that she is not able to relate such a happy-sounding story [8] because, if she does, her tears won’t stop flowing and her parents will realize she’s lying. [9] She says that it’s fine; he can stop worrying and simply continue to ignore her like he always does. [10] Setsuna still can’t reach him and all her efforts are wasted. [11] Because of his attitude toward her, simple things like just phoning him [12][13] become incredibly painful. [14] Yet all she can do is keep taking the initiative [15] and trying to overcome the barrier between them.

[8] No… I can’t tell such a happy and wonderful-sounding lie…
[9] My face will give it away for sure. Telling a lie like that would only make me miserable… I wouldn’t be able to stop my tears.
[10] It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about someone like me… That’s what you’ve always done, isn’t it?
[11] Why won’t it reach…? Why must these efforts be wasted…
[12] I really, really wanted to hear your voice, but… I was worried whether or not it was too late at night for me to call, and… Choosing between calling or texting took me another 3 hours.
[13] An hour before, I finally realized that I didn’t really know what to talk to you about, so I wrote down a bunch of keywords in my notebook, and held my head…
[14] And when I’d finally decided to give up, and to just shower and go to bed, I caught a glimpse at just how badly I was crying in the bathroom mirror…
[15] That’s why she could only take the initiative…

After this, though, Haruki starts getting closer to Setsuna and, eventually, Io and Takeya convince Haruki to take her to a restaurant. When their date comes around, he ends up being late to meet her, so he calls her and tells her not to worry, but she starts panicking regardless. As she waits, [16] it starts to snow and Setsuna remembers that this had happened before. Three years ago, on the day she was supposed to celebrate her 18th birthday with Haruki, he had also asked her to wait and, just like now, it had started snowing. But back then, while she waited, he was kissing Kazusa instead. Because of that, Setsuna now says she dislikes snow (her dislike is intensified because there was also snow when she was calling Haruki, but at the time he was sleeping with Kazusa. There was also snow when he later kissed Kazusa in front of her). However, this time Haruki does arrive and they head to the restaurant. After their meal, they fully reconcile on the nearby bridge.

[16] Just 20 more minutes…? ……… Really? Definitely?

At one point, Setsuna painfully asks Haruki if he still loves Kazusa, [17] and the question triggers the decision for him to stay with Setsuna. He is tormented by his past mistakes, and desperately wants to erase his sins and the pain he caused her after his betrayal three years ago. [18][19] Wanting to make Setsuna happy, Haruki asks her to begin their relationship anew and for them both to pretend Kazusa had never even existed, forgetting everything about her. Even though Setsuna considers this to be an unreasonable demand, [20] as always, she complies with his request, [21] but asks if he will truly be able to forget Kazusa. [22] In response, Haruki lies and says he already has. He insists it was always just the two of them; Setsuna complies with his request again and then proceeds to make a move on him. [23][24]

[17] And, do you still… love Kazusa?
[18] The sin of betraying you, Setsuna. A deep, unerasable sin.
[19] I hurt you so, so much…
[20] What you’re saying is very cruel
[21] Even though it’s wrong… Even though it’s the lowest… I can’t go against what you just said, Haruki-kun.
[22] Are you… going to forget about Kazusa? Can you forget her?
[23] Haruki-kun… If you say you want to reset what happened with the three of us back then…
[24] Then I… I have to take back these three years of emptiness.

By now it’s time to head back home, but Setsuna won’t let him leave until she explains that he has already given her a wonderful gift and she would like to give him something in return. [25] Yet her present is something mundane and very selfish, something she is forcing onto him [26] and hopes he will accept regardless. [27]

[25] I haven’t given you a present yet, Haruki-kun. I got such a wonderful gift from you, and yet I haven’t given you anything.
[26] Incredibly mundane, and incredibly selfish; something that I’m forcing on to you.
[27] Will you accept it despite all that?


Setsuna reaches for him, explaining that for three long years, ever since her 18th birthday, [28] she had been waiting to give him her body. She tells him how she had desperately been trying during those three years to close the distance between them, but that he wouldn’t even let her touch him like she’s touching him now. [29][30] He apologizes and resolves to make her the only girl for him this time. [31] Yet, for Setsuna, now that she’s with him, neither the snow nor the wind feels cold to her anymore. [32] They kiss, [33] and go to a hotel to have sex after Setsuna claims she had already told her parents she would be spending the night with Haruki, [34] making it apparent she was prepared in case Haruki decided to reconcile with her.

[28] I meant to give it to you 3 years ago and I’ve been wrapping it all this time. Myself.
[29] I’ve always been giving it my all for these last three years. Restraining myself, and only taking slow, careful steps towards you.
[30] But I couldn’t shorten the distance between us at all! I couldn’t even get close enough to touch you like this…
[31] The promise to forget Kazusa, and one day choose Setsuna. It really should have been fulfilled long ago…
[32] It’s so warm… The snow doesn’t feel cold any more, and neither does the wind. All because you’re here to warm me up, Haruki-kun.
[33] Brings back memories… I’m… really kissing Haruki-kun again, aren’t I…?
[34] I… told them that I would be staying over.


However, at the hotel, Haruki makes a mistake. In one of his part-time jobs he had been told to write an article about the famous pianist Kazusa. After Haruki puts that article on the bed, Setsuna finds it, [35] reads it and explodes. [36] She tells him how she had already bought a copy of his article, and how she had read it countless times [37] and each time resulting in her being drenched in tears. [38] Again, she asks him if he has really forgotten about Kazusa. [39] Even though he realizes it’s pretty obvious, Haruki decides to keep lying to Setsuna, his argument being that it had taken him three years to forget about Kazusa and that he can only apologize for making her suffer so much during that time. [40]
Setsuna, not satisfied with his answer, repeats that she had read his article dozens of times [41] and that the pain she felt had been unbearable and would prevent her from sleeping. [42] The problem, she tells him, is that the words Haruki uses to describe Kazusa in the article are the same as they were three years ago [43]; he still loves Kazusa. [44] She cries bitterly and shouts, calling him a liar many times. After having read such a touching love letter, how did he expect her to accept all of this? [45] Even after three years of complete dedication to him he still remained indecisive and torn between both girls.

[35] … Why is it on the bed?
[36] Her swollen eyes are, without a doubt, a result of “that thing” that was left on the side of the bed.
[37] I’ve gone through it countless times. And every single time, I would start with a bitter smile, and then start laughing out loud as it got sillier.
[38] And by the time I finished, I would always be drenched in tears.
[39] Haruki-kun, have you… forgotten about Kazusa?
[40] Yeah, it took a whole three years… And in that time, I made you go through some truly painful experiences. I’m really sorry…
[41] I’ve read this article dozens of times. And every time I did, I laughed, and I cried…
[42] Both my heart and body ached unbearably… And I’d spend the night alone, sleeplessly.
[43] This… this article… It’s the exact same as your words back then…!
[44] And yet it’s so filled with love? Isn’t it overflowing with your feelings for Kazusa!?
[45] Having read such a touching love letter, just how do you expect me to accept all this…?


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The common route ends there. After that, Haruki decides he must sort out his feelings and, for the first time, truly devote his whole heart to a single heroine (or no one, leading to the common route ending explained before). If he chooses Setsuna, and her daily efforts to reconcile are finally accepted by him, then she achieves happiness as his only girlfriend. However, if he chooses one of the side-heroines (Mari, Chiaki or Koharu) Haruki will enter their routes and Setsuna will sink deeper into depression.