Christmas Chapter

Xmas Chapter


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Title:                                  Christmas Chapter


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Title:                                  Enjoying Christmas with the heroines of WA2

                                           Christmas Chapter

Author:                             Kaminoperari


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Header:                             Whom will you spend Christmas with?

Options:                            -> I’ll spend it with Setsuna, of course!

-> I’ll spend it with Koharu, my slutty junior!

-> I’m a huge masochist! I’ll spend it with Chiaki!

-> No, no… I need comfort. I’ll spend it with Mari-san!

-> My heart is unwavering… I’ll spend it with Kazusa!


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Title:                                  How to Spend a Boring Christmas Eve

Setsuna:                            Merry Christmas, Haruki-kun!

Haruki:                              Merry Christmas, Setsuna.


FX:                                      Clink clink

Haruki:                              …Are you sure about this, though?

Setsuna:                            ?


Haruki:                              I didn’t think you would want to spend Christmas in my apartment this year…


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Haruki:                              We could have stayed the night at an inn, or…

Haruki:                              had dinner at a hotel, or something…

Haruki:                              Cooking all of this can’t have been easy.


Setsuna:                            Hee…


Setsuna:                            Hee hee hee

Setsuna:                            …Haruki-kun…


Setsuna:                            We’ve tried doing Christmas at an inn, and in a hotel.

                                           We screwed both of them up.

                                           Sorry, I couldn’t help laughing.

Haruki:                              Huh…?!

…I guess you’re right.


Setsuna:                            But, you know…

Setsuna:                            This is our first “normal” Christmas.


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Setsuna:                            Maybe celebrating at home is too ordinary…

Setsuna:                            But, this Christmas is special…


Setsuna:                            Because it’s with you.


Setsuna:                            I’m very happy.


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Title:                                  How to Bag a Slutty Santa

Koharu:                             Since today is Christmas…

Koharu:                             I tried putting in some extra effort…


Koharu:                             What do you think, Senpai?


FX:                                      Gulp

Haruki:                              …It’s cute, but…


Page 8


Haruki:                              I’m actually not sure where to look…

Haruki:                              My brain is going, “Since when does Santa look this slutty?!”

Koharu:                             Hee hee… Of course.


Koharu:                             You see… I am a bad girl.


Koharu:                             So, what I want from you… is an adult gift.

Koharu:                             Well, Senpai…?


Page 9


Title:                                  Reindeer in Love

Chiaki:                               Merry…


Chiaki:                               Christmas!

Haruki:                              Uhhh…


Haruki:                              …Why are you dressed like a reindeer?

Chiaki:                               Ohoho… I’m so very glad you asked!


Chiaki:                               It is, in fact…

FX:                                      Shwf


Page 10


FX:                                      Toss

Chiaki:                               so I can eat you, Santa Claus.


Haruki:                              No, wait, reindeer are herbivores…

FX:                                      Howwwwl!

Haruki:                              Gwaaaaah?!

FX:                                      Liiick

Narration:                        Santa has been eaten by a reindeer.


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Title:                                  Tongue-Tied Mari-san

Mari:                                 …Ugh.


Mari:                                 Finally home.

Mari:                                 Americans have no shame!


Mari:                                 Clinging all over each other in public…

It’s disgraceful!

Couple:                             I love you…

I love you, too…

Mari:                                 Whoa?!

Haruki:                              Ahaha… Well, it is Christmas.


Mari:                                 …Whatever.

Mari:                                 Here, Kitahara. Your present.

FX:                                      Reach

Haruki:                              Thank you.

Haruki:                              I’ll just go ahead and…


Page 12


Haruki:                              Huh?

Haruki:                              There’s something written on this card…


Mari:                                 It’s… um…

…I don’t really like saying this stuff out loud.


Narration:                        All I want for Christmas is you.


Mari:                                 …Figure it out.


Page 13


Title:                                  How to Raise a Clumsy Love

Kazusa:                             Merry Christmas.


Kazusa:                             …Hey, Haruki.

Kazusa:                             Say something.


Haruki:                              …You look very nice. Yes.

FX:                                      Gush

Kazusa:                             Get a tissue for that nosebleed, you pervert.


Page 14


Haruki:                              You have great destructive power.

FX:                                      Blush

Kazusa:                             God, you’re embarrassing.


Haruki:                              …Why the Santa outfit, though?


Kazusa:                             It was Mom’s idea.

She said you’d like it…

Youko:                               Listen to me, Kazusa…

                                           Costume play can be a handy thing…

Haruki:                              Youko-san?!

Well done!


Kazusa:                             And…


Page 15


Kazusa:                             We were separated for so long…

Kazusa:                             We haven’t really done any “lover”-type stuff.

Kazusa:                             We’ve barely even gone on any dates.


Kazusa:                             So, I thought this might make a good memory for us.

FX:                                      Tug

Haruki:                              Kazusa…

FX:                                      Sniffle


Haruki:                              I’m so gla…?!

FX:                                      Bang

FX:                                      Twitch


Kazusa:                             Listen up, Haruki…

FX:                                      B-tmp b-tmp

Haruki:                              ?


Page 16


Kazusa:                             Today…

Kazusa:                             I’m gonna go crazy on you.


Narration:                        After this, they went crazy on each other.

Haruki:                              Awoooooo!

Narration:                        …Merry Christmas!


Page 17


Setsuna:                            Now for some additional two-panel comics!

Kazusa:                             Still not sweet enough… You wanna read something sweeter, right?


Page 18


Title:                                  Setsuna Epilogue

Haruki:                              Setsuna… Isn’t there something I could do, at least?

Setsuna:                            Hmm… Well, this might be a little difficult for you…

Haruki:                              What?

Setsuna:                            Hee hee! Hmm, hmm…


Setsuna:                            All right, here’s my request for you, Santa.

Setsuna:                            I want a wonderful Christmas Eve…

Setsuna:                            that lasts all the way until morning.


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Title:                                  Koharu Epilogue

Koharu:                             …Now, Senpai, what exactly are these?

Haruki:                              What are they…? They’re macarons.

Koharu:                             And what exactly makes macarons an ‘adult gift’?!

Haruki:                              Look, they’re from a high-end boutique. …They’re targeted toward adults.

Koharu:                             Aaaugh!


Haruki:                              …

I heard that macarons have a certain meaning—“You are truly special to me.”

Koharu:                             …Hwuh?

FX:                                      Roll

Haruki:                              Merry Christmas, Koharu…

Koharu:                             …!!!


Page 20


Title:                                  Chiaki Epilogue

Haruki:                              …Hey, Chiaki.

Chiaki:                               …What? You say it’s Santa’s turn now?

Chiaki:                               Ohoho… I won’t lose to you, Santa!


Chiaki:                               Huff, huff…

Haruki:                              (…I may have gone too far.)

Chiaki:                               Aw, man… Ahaha…

FX:                                      Phew

Chiaki:                               I wasn’t able to beat Santa after all.


Page 21


Title:                                  Mari Epilogue

Haruki:                              Mari-san, this present…

It’s not something I would have expected from you…

Mari:                                 I thought it looked a bit like you.

Haruki:                              !

Mari:                                 …And the next thing I knew, I’d bought it.

Haruki:                              ?!

                                           Why do you always have to be so cute…!


Mari:                                 Kitahara, last night, you…

Mari:                                 Wh-Why were you so gentle and sweet with me…?

Mari:                                 !!

Mari:                                 D-Don’t look at me right now…


Page 22


Title:                                  Kazusa Epilogue

Kazusa:                             Hey, Haruki.

FX:                                      Huff huff

Kazusa:                             Let’s take a break…

Kazusa:                             …Haruki?

Kazusa:                             You’ve got a scary look in your eyes…


Kazusa:                             …You awake, Haruki?

Kazusa:                             You sure enjoyed yourself yesterday, you horny bastard…


Page 23

Caption:                            2020 Illustration Memorial

I’ve been drawing quite a bit lately… (A lot of Kazusa, in particular.)


Page 24

Header:                             Afterword

Afterword:                       Thank you for reading!


I knew I had to do something special for the end of WA2’s tenth anniversary year, so—

I went with a Christmas theme.


Christmas has some heavy associations within the game itself, but I decided to deviate from the original, and go with the standard mood for this circle: heap on the sweetness, go light on the bitterness!


I hope you enjoyed it.



Bottom text:                    Special Thanks!!

-Yuuki Azuma

Thank you for the cover design and manuscript support! You’re always so enormously helpful! (I am deeply grateful!)


-Top 3 background tracks while working on the manuscript

All three of them are iconic, and helped me make good progress…

“I Want to Think of You (WA2 ver.)” Setsuna Ogiso, Madoka Yonezawa

“Haru-yo, Koi” by Yuki Matsutoya

“Hero” by Skillet


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Publishing info:              Christmas Chapter


Pixiv ID:                           kaminoperari/1526963

Printer:                            Neko no Shippo

Date published:             December 30th, 2020

Circle:                              Nandemoiiya

Author:                            Kaminoperari

Representative/cover design: Yuuki Azuma


*Please do not reproduce or resell without permission.


Kazusa:                             You know, Haruki…

Kazusa:                             Christmas lasts a long time in Europe…

They’re on vacation until the new year starts.


Kazusa:                             Tomorrow, and the day after, and the next day…

Kazusa:                             and next year…

Kazusa:                             I’ll be right here with you…


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Publisher:                         Nandemoiiya

White Album 2 Fanbook #14