Chiaki Izumi Pillow Talk

Days of Happiness ~Stories from In Bed~

Chiaki Izumi
Heart-Warming Dirty Talk

Ah… Phew… That felt great today, too.
Sex right after training really is the best!
Full-body exercise, followed by even more full-body exercise… It’s just so extreme!
Man, this sluggish feeling enveloping my whole body… Ah! It’s really something else.
I’m gonna sleep like a log tonight.
Mmm! Heehee…


This is the best bed. I could sleep here forever…
All right, good night! Feel free not to wake me up for at least a week.
Hmm… ah… heehee—mmph! (muffled) Hey, what are you doing?! No, stop. Ow! Let go!
(she gasps for breath. normal voice:) Seriously, what are you doing? I was finally feeling so good, just about to come…
What? Don’t say I’m heavy!
At least say it’s a pleasant weight.
No way.


I’m not getting off.
Just enjoy all this softness and warmth. Oh, yes!
It’s soft, right? Around here, especially. Here, touch.
Y-yeah, it feels good. You’re always so dirty with your hands.
Y-yeah… Ah… H-hey, do you love me?
You’re gonna put me on my guard, you know? Gonna make me wonder whether that’s gonna happen to me again.
Well, no helping that, I guess. It’s my fault, however you look at it.


But, you know, I’m not being fake right now.
I’m not acting, or forcing myself. I am naturally, whole-heartedly your woman, nothing less.
That’s who I am right now.
Turning into something and being something are two different things.
I’m not playing the part of a woman, or of a woman who doesn’t feel like a woman.
I’m not saving you, or being saved by you.
Just showing you my naked self, telling you my naked thoughts—and, well, tricking you just a little bit, from time to time.
Ah, kidding, kidding. I was kidding about that.
See? I tricked you, just a little bit.
It’s all right. I’ll never hurt you again.
And, therefore, I won’t hurt myself again.


One-on-one, equal. Always together—even though the paths we take toward our goals are different, we can keep climbing together.
Let’s keep on with that kind of forward-looking relationship, huh?
Hey, you’re looking ahead and soaring high. You really want to reach the summit together that much?
Heehee, c’mon, don’t get mad, you grump. If you get that mad, you’ll just get stiffer and stiffer…
What, you don’t like a woman who talks dirty all the time?
That’s strange, since you sure seem like you’re about to go off at any second.
Ah—hey, don’t start moving all of a sudden, you lech!
Really, I’ve had it inside me


this whole time…
Hey, I mean it! It’s gonna spill out!
Ah! …Ah… Hey… Hey, you get on top this time.
I want to feel your weight.
Ah… hah… hah…!
(she continues to gasp and moan.)