Brides of WA2

Brides of WA2


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Title:                                  Brides of WA2

WA2: CC 10th Anniversary Fanbook


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Header:                             These stories follow the ending of WA2… Which of the following “troublesome brides” will you choose?

Options:                            ->I want to eat a lunchbox from Setsuna! Lunchboxes made by one’s beloved wife are sacred…


->Koharu in an apron… Huff, huff…


->Mari-san, I think we should get married!


->I want to make Chiaki a huge star! I will master the way of the house-husband!


->I will make Kazusa happy! I swear it!




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Title:                                  Setsuna-san’s lovingly-made lunchbox

Setsuna:                            Here’s your lunch, Haruki-kun!

Haruki:                              Thank you, Setsuna.


Haruki:                              They tease me for it at the office…

Like, “Aww, look how much your wifey loves you!”…

Rice:                                   Mwah mwah mwah

Haruki:                              But it’s really nice to have every day, especially with all the sides in there!

Setsuna:                            Heehee…


Setsuna:                            There’s plenty of love in it, too.

Haruki:                              Setsuna…

FX:                                      Sniffle

Setsuna:                            And…


Setsuna:                            Maybe it’s also filled with a message that says, “Haruki-kun belongs to me!”

Setsuna:                            Just kidding. [heart]


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Title:                                  Shopping date with Setsuna

Setsuna:                            I haven’t gone on a shopping date with you in a while, Haruki-kun!

Haruki:                              Wait, Setsuna-san… Isn’t this the shopping district?

Setsuna:                            Correct!

Setsuna:                            I’ve been waiting a long time for the chance to show you the magic of the shopping district, Haruki-kun.


Setsuna:                            All right. First, we’re getting some of those super delicious croquettes on special sale!

FX:                                      Hmph

Haruki:                              …Haha.

Setsuna:                            …? What is it?


Haruki:                              Oh, um…

Haruki:                              I was just thinking about how happy I am when I’m doing things with you, Setsuna…

Setsuna:                            ?!


Setsuna:                            Oh, you…! Haruki-kun!

Setsuna:                            …I’m… very happy, too. [heart]


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Title:                                  Young wife Koharu-san

FX:                                      Kachunk

Koharu:                             !


Koharu:                             You’re early today.


Koharu:                             Welcome home, Senpa—

Koharu:                             …I mean, H-Haruki-san…


Koharu:                             Ahaha…

Koharu:                             I slipped up again. [heart]


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Title:                                  Studying with Koharu-san

Narration:                        After graduating from college, Koharu started working in the office of a certain restaurant chain.

Narration:                        With her youthful beauty and shrewd skill, she is a formidable new talent…

Koharu:                             Oh, yes, Haruki-san, there was something that confused me a little at work…

Haruki:                              Ah… If you have this data, you can probably…

Koharu:                             …! That makes sense.


Koharu:                             …Heheh.

FX:                                      Chk chk

Haruki:                              What?

Koharu:                             Nothing… This is just taking me back a little…


Haruki:                              Oh, yeah, I can see why… I taught you a ton of stuff when you were studying for entrance exams.

Koharu:                             …Of course, at night, that was sometimes derailed by a different kind of studying…

Haruki:                              !


Koharu:                             …Would you mind staying here and helping me with my nighttime studying, too?

Koharu:                             …Senpai? [heart]


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Title:                                  Returning home with Mari-san

Mari:                                 Phew… When was the last time I came back to Japan…?

FX:                                      Skch skch

Haruki:                              I know what you mean, Mari-san. Well, since work has settled down a little…

Haruki:                              Why don’t you take it easy while we’re here in Japan?

I’ll start by handling the return documents…


Mari:                                 …Hey, Haruki, you wrote the wrong name there.

Haruki:                              Huh? I don’t think so…

Haruki:                              See? “Mari Kazaoka”…



Mari:                                 That should be “Mari Kitahara,” shouldn’t it?

Mari:                                 For crying out loud…

Mari:                                 Pull it together, husband of mine!


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Title:                                  Mari-san and family

Mari:                                 I’m fine with taking a break, but I’m not thrilled about visiting my folks…

FX:                                      Skreeee

Haruki:                              You said you got a call from your father?

Mari:                                 Yeah…


Mari:                                 He was like, “Well, at least bring your husband here!”

Mari:                                 So I said, “If you want, I don’t even need to be there!”

Haruki:                              Ahaha…


Mari:                                 Isn’t this normally how they’d get about grandkids?

That would’ve been so convenient…

FX:                                      Grumble grumble

Mari:                                 …Hey, Haruki.

Haruki:                              Yes?

Mari:                                 There’s actually a nice hot spring close to where my family lives…


Mari:                                 …The water is famous for helping people conceive.

Mari:                                 I was thinking, maybe it’s time…

Haruki:                              Mari-san?! My reasoning can’t handle this!


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Title:                                  Scandal with famous actress Chiaki-san

FX:                                      Click click

Reporter:                          Akira Senouchi-san! Could we have a word regarding your rumored lover?


Chiaki:                               Hmm… My lover?

Reporter:                          Please don’t dodge the question! There are photos proving it!

Chiaki:                               No, I mean…


Chiaki:                               I do have a husband.

Reporters:                        ?!

Chiaki:                               And we’re just wild about each other!


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Title:                                  Chiaki-san loves her husband to the moon and back

Haruki:                              …Hey, Chiaki.

Are you sure you should be home this early?

I thought you were filming for that big series.

FX:                                      Caw caw

Chiaki:                               Oh, it’s fiiine, Haruki.


Chiaki:                               They say I’m the least sociable woman in the whole cast!

FX:                                      Smile

Haruki:                              That’s not a good thing!


Chiaki:                               Well, if anyone has any complaints, I can just shut ‘em up with my performances.

Since I’m a star, and all!

FX:                                      Tsk tsk

Chiaki:                               Heheheh! My man is the most important thing to me. [heart]

Haruki:                              !


FX:                                      Siiigh

Haruki:                              …And this is what you want, big star?

Chiaki:                               It’s exactly what I want!

FX:                                      Beam

Chiaki:                               Hubby first, art second!


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Title:                                  What Kazusa wants

Narration:                        It’s almost our first wedding anniversary.

                                           Kazusa’s requested a necklace.


Haruki:                              Hmm… You know, I was thinking about it during our trip this year…

Haruki:                              But we haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet, have we?


Kazusa:                             …The honeymoon can wait.

Haruki:                              What?!

FX:                                      Flare

Kazusa:                             …Because…


Kazusa:                             Before that, I want a present that I can wear.

Kazusa:                             Something that says, “I belong to you.” …Y’know?

Haruki:                              …?!


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Title:                                  You belong to me

Narration:                        Now that we’ve been married for a while… Kazusa doesn’t ask for jewelry as much.

Narration:                        Maybe she’s decided to stop fixating on that kind of thing…


Kazusa:                             …I haven’t stopped.

Haruki:                              Huh?


Kazusa:                             You know, this shirt…

Kazusa:                             It’s yours.

It smells like you. [heart]

Haruki:                              What?!


Kazusa:                             Yes… This makes me feel like I’ve claimed Haruki as my own…

It’s exciting.

Kazusa:                             And just so you know, I’ll be doing more of this from now on. [heart]


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Artist:                                Yuuki Azuma

Title:                                  My Dream, My Sweet

Io:                                      …Welcome home, Takeya. Would you like to have dinner? Or a bath? Or… m-me?

Takeya:                             You, of course, Io. [heart]

Io:                                      Y’know, I tried this out because you were so desperate for it, but the apron-only thing is a lot more embarrassing than I imagined it…

Takeya:                             I like you when you’re embarrassed, Io…

Let’s take this to the bedroom… No, right here, in the front hall—


Takeya:                             …And that’s when you woke me up, Haruki. Can you understand my despair…?

Takeya:                             Hahaha…

FX:                                      Clench

Haruki:                              No, it’s your fault for falling asleep during a lecture… Okay, okay, fine, I’m sorry! Let go of my arm! Don’t die on me!


Takeya:                             Give me this! Just give me this much!

Takeya:                             Let me enjoy Io as my naked, apron-clad wife in my dreams!

Haruki:                              Hey, Takeya, feel like screaming that a little louder…? She’ll break it off with you real quick.


Page 14


Takeya:                             Yep, that actually happened. When I saw you, my wife [heart], I suddenly remembered.

Io:                                      You are… the biggest idiot I know. Just for the record…

Takeya:                             You’re not gonna do it, right? I know that! I know, I know, I aggravated you a little back then… Guess the apron thing isn’t happening, huh?

Io:                                      …Yeah, no. Not today.

Takeya:                             Hm? Yeah, I know you’re… not…


Takeya:                             Wait, “today”?

Narration:                        Whether or not my dream came true… is between me and Io.

End caption:                     -fin-


Page 15


Heading:                           One-panel scenes

A panel each for newlywed life with the CC heroines…

Friggin’ lovebirds… Stay crazy about each other forever!

Phone circle:                    Dad

Phone:                              Hey, when’s the next time you’re bringing Haruki-kun by?

Phone circle:                    Mom

Phone:                              Can’t he come here alone for the New Year, at least?

Narration:                        My husband has won my parents over completely…

                                           How did he do it…?


Narration:                        I like it best when he pampers me like crazy…

                                           Hm? What do I mean by that? Wellll, of course, I mean…

Chiaki:                               Shoulder rubs!

Chiaki:                               My sweet hubby gives the best shoulder rubs. [heart]


Narration:                        He seems happier with curry from J*** than with my special-made curry… Mrrr…

Koharu:                             What?! What’s with that smile?!

Koharu:                             Ugh… This isn’t fair!


Page 16


Heading:                           One-panel scenes (Setsuna & Kazusa)

Beyond their Happy Endings… May they spend many more happy hours together.

FX:                                      Tup tup

Setsuna:                            Haruki-kun, I’m done with the bath!

Setsuna:                            Do you want to take a bath, too? Or…

Setsuna:                            Do you want me?


Kazusa:                             You know how lonely I get…

I can’t take a bath without my husband.

FX:                                      Splish

Kazusa:                             Heheh… Yes. Forever…

Kazusa:                             Keep staying with me, Haruki. [heart]


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Publishing info:               Brides of WA2

Date published:              December 31st, 2021

Circle:                               Nandemoiiya (Representative: Yuuki Azuma)

Author:                            Kaminoperari


Pixiv ID:                            kaminoperari/1526963

Yuuki Azuma/5484033

Printer:                            PrintWalk

*Please do not reproduce or resell without permission.

Heading:                          Afterword

Text:                                 -Kaminoperari-


At last, the 10th anniversary of WA2: CC has arrived! …I’m overwhelmed with emotion… So, this is a commemorative book!

These stories take place after marriage, so happy endings abound! All of you had better stay happy forever, or else!!!

(*Happy ending fanatic)


Azuma-san, thank you for your contribution! Man, Takeya x Io is so great… (Nrrrgh… I wanted to draw them, too…)


-Yuuki Azuma-

Kaminoperari-san got huffy at me because he wanted to draw the scene with Takeya and Io… But I wanted to draw them too, so too bad! Takeya sure is popular… lol

I think stealing this story out from under him is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of WA2, so it’s perfect. (^^)

Bottom text:                    This girl is the daughter of a world-famous pianist, who recently started playing the piano.

Her favorite pieces are the ones her grandma wrote for her.

Also, in the future, she’s not sure whether she wants to be a pianist or an idol…


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Title:                                  WA2 CC

10th Anniversary Fanbook

Publisher:                        Nandemoiiya