Bizarre Love Triangle – I

Bizarre Love Triangle

White Album 2: The Story of Haruki, Io, and Takeya


Author: Ushineko

Illustration: Haru Arimori


Editing/Publishing: Rurou no Gakushidan



Bizarre Love Triangle





Someone suddenly grabbed my right arm from behind and shoved me against the concrete wall of the stairway landing.


His right hand grazed my left ear before striking the wall.

His two eyes stared straight into me from mere inches away.

His well-featured face was slightly flushed.

“Got a question for you… Are you seeing anyone right now?”
“Seeing? You mean, am I in a romantic relationship?”
“I don’t have anyone like that.”
“You’d better not be lying.”
“Why would I need to lie to you? And, more to the point, when you have something to ask someone, you ought to be more courteous about it.”
“Ah… Sorry, I’m not chill enough for that right now.”
“I need to get to my next class, myself. Let me go, please.”
“I have something else to ask you.”
“Hey, could you… back up a little?”

His breath, slightly rough, brushed against my cheek…

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