As It Was Then

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Title:                                    As It Was Then


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Title:                                    As It Was Then


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Kazusa:                               No!

Kazusa:                               Setsuna… This isn’t…


Kazusa:                               Let go… Haru…ki…



Woman:                             Oh, my…


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FX:                                        Push


Small FX:                            Bite

Haruki:                                Ow!

Large FX:                            Shove

Small FX:                            Huff huff

Kazusa:                               Don’t ever touch me again!


Narration:                          I’m sorry, Setsuna…


Narration:                          That your final memory of me…


Narration:                          should be a painful separation like this.


Page 6


Caption:                              Old Vienna, Austria


Kazusa:                               …

Narration:                          Again, at the same spot…


Kazusa:                               Snow…


Narration:                          Snow always reminds me…

Kazusa:                               It’s coming down again.

Narration:                          of everything that happened then.


Page 7


Kazusa:                               At the end of the year… in Japan?


Youko:                                Yes.

Youko:                                This year’s year-end concert will be held in Japan.


Kazusa:                               I never heard about that.

Youko:                                Well, now I’ve said it.


Youko:                                Kazusa…

You’re coming, too.

Kazusa:                               What?!


Kazusa:                               No way!

Kazusa:                               I’m staying here!


Page 8


Youko:                                What are you talking about?

Youko:                                I’ve already told the maid that she doesn’t have to come at all for the start of the new year.


Youko:                                Also.

Youko:                                I don’t want…

Youko:                                to come home and find my daughter dead of starvation or the cold.

Kazusa:                               I’ve told you, I can live on my own…


Youko:                                More importantly, have you decided…

Youko:                                what you’re going to play at tomorrow’s recital?


Kazusa:                               Mm-mm.

Youko:                                There’s the matter of your introduction, too.

Youko:                                I called a friend of mine and reserved the café at the concert hall.


Kazusa:                               Why don’t I just play what I played at the competition?

Youko:                                The Transcendental Étude? We already know how well you can play.

Youko:                                No, it’s Christmas. It should be something everyone can enjoy.


Page 9


Youko:                                You know…

Youko:                                Lately, it’s seemed like you can’t focus very well.

Something’s missing. I get bored listening to you.


Kazusa:                               Huh?

Kazusa:                               What do you mean, “Something”?

FX:                                        Flare


Youko:                                What, indeed?

Youko:                                Oh, I know!

You’re missing the “moe” factor!

Youko:                                “Moe” is very popular in Japan right now.

Asterisk note:                    *Around 2010

Kazusa:                               Moe?


Youko:                                I wonder what that Guitar-boy is up to right now?

FX:                                        Ba-thump

Kazusa:                               Eh?!

What does he have to do with…


Youko:                                See? You have to go back to Japan and stock up on some ingredients.

Youko:                                Like, you know, that?

Youko;                                Have him pour something into you?

Kazusa:                               Don’t be stupid, Youko.

Kazusa:                               Put the wine down.

Kazusa:                               No way am I going.

Youko:                                Oh, come on…


Page 10


Kazusa:                               I’m boring? I’m missing something? Any other insults for me?


Narration:                          I know all of that already. I have for a long time.


Narration:                          Since I was young, just shutting my eyes has been enough for my mother’s music playing to come bubbling up.


Narration:                          Pursuing that, imitating that, kept me from feeling lonely when I was left at home by myself.

                                             I had no personality as a kid.

                                             Left alone, ignored.

                                             The heat in Japan gave me nightmares; the intense cold here cooled me down.

                                             When I came to Vienna, I became keenly, almost painfully aware of my own inexperience.

                                             I spent two years refining my skill, making up for the past several years of inadequate practice.


Narration:                          Fortunately, I had someone around who gave me something to aim for.

Caption:                              Martin Flügel

                                             Kazusa’s teacher; formerly Youko’s teacher as well

Narration:                          How to play, to approach that sound…

                                             To approach that woman.

Martin:                                Kazusa…


Martin:                                Why don’t you try entering a competition?


Page 11


Narration:                          At the competition, I simply played as the score told me…

                                             as the composer intended…

                                             as Flügel directed me.


Narration:                          I was satisfied with the results.


Narration:                          The results of try after try, boosting my technique to its utmost limit.


Man:                                    Yes!

FX:                                        Jolt


Narration:                          The man who took first place…

                                             seemed deliriously happy.

Man:                                    Thank you! Thank you!


Page 12


FX:                                        Heh

Narration:                          Practically jumping up and down…


Narration:                          It reminded me just a bit of him.


Youko:                                Gut. [Good.]


Page 13


Arrow note:                       Written in German

Banner:                               Celebrating Kazusa Touma

Runner-up in the piano division of the Trusty International Music Competition

Youko Touma’s Christmas Chamber Music Performance

FX:                                        Chatter chatter

Kazusa:                               What on earth…


Kazusa:                               Huh?

Small FX:                            Whee

Large FX:                            Bustle bustle

Small FX:                            Ha ha

Kazusa:                               What?

Small FX:                            Tug

Girl:                                      What are you gonna play today?

Woman:                             Ahaha…

Girl:                                      So pretty!

Small FX:                            Yay


Youko:                                My friend here and I…

Girl:                                      Teacher! Teacher!

FX:                                        Boing boing

Youko:                                We run a music school for children.


Youko:                                They’re all so adorable! I wish we had just one more.

Youko:                                Oh!

Kazusa:                               Don’t make this family even more complicated, please…

FX:                                        Sigh

Girl:                                      Teacher!

Other child:                       Play with me!


Youko:                                Then, you make one!

Kazusa:                               Wh-Who?!

FX:                                        Ba-thump


Page 14


Kazusa:                               Is this where you’ve been going once a week?

Youko:                                I listen, praise them, and occasionally interrupt, that’s all.

Youko:                                It just has my name—or my face, I suppose.

Since I’m bad at teaching.


Youko:                                We need to get them up to successor level.

Kazusa:                               Successor…?

Youko:                                Up until just now, have I ever observed your practicing?

Kazusa:                               …No, you haven’t.


Youko:                                That’s right. I’ve never given you anything more than an assessment of “good” or “bad.”

Kazusa:                               You’re leaving it up to someone else to find your successor? Seriously?

Youko:                                You’re my successor, aren’t you?

Kazusa:                               …


Youko:                                I’m your target, and your rival, aren’t I?

Kazusa:                               Y-Yeah, obviously!

FX:                                        B-tmp b-tmp


Announcer:                        And now, for today’s special guest, Youko Touma’s daughter, who made such a magnificent showing in last month’s Trusty International Competition…

Youko:                                Listen, they’re calling you.

Kazusa:                               Ah…


Page 15


Narration:                          I never did decide what to play…

                                             What do I do?


Narration:                          It’s been long enough…

FX:                                        Tap

Narration:                          Maybe I’ll try playing that.


Youko:                                Hmm…

Narration:                          Liebestraum No. 3, from Liszt’s Three Nocturnes…


Page 16


Narration:                          I thought she would play the usual Transcendental Étude…

Narration:                          She’s been hiding this from me.


Narration:                          Or, maybe she just didn’t want to bring it out?


Narration:                          The last time I played this…

                                             may have been back then…


Narration:                          I intentionally left it out of my repertoire because I didn’t want to remember that time.

                                             Even though I loved the piece.


Page 17


Rina:                                    Ah!

Rina:                                    Coming here was worth it!


Narration:                          I wanted him to hear more of my playing.


Narration:                          I remembered how much fun the piano could be…

                                             thanks to him.


Narration:                          I really did…

                                             enjoy myself, back then.


FX:                                        Clap clap clap clap

FX:                                        Roar


Audience:                           Zugabe! [Encore!]


Page 18


Audience:                           Zugabe!

Kazusa:                               Whoa…

Audience:                           Zugabe!

FX:                                        Chatter chatter


Audience:                           Zugabe!

Kazusa:                               Um… What should I…

Magdalena:                       Could we ask you to play one more piece?

Audience:                           Zugabe!


Narration:                          One piece…


Narration:                          All right.

                                             I think I can play it now.

FX:                                        Shf

Large FX:                            Roar


Kazusa:                               Sie tat, einsam zu sein?


Kazusa:                               Warum? Ich kann ‘aufhören, darüber nachzudenken

Narration:                          My singing voice is nowhere near hers, but…

Kazusa:                               Bevor ich weiß es, ich habe von Ihnen fasziniert worden [Then, before I knew it, you fascinated me more than anyone]


Page 19


Kazusa:                               Was muss ich tun, um diese Herz im Spiegel haben? [How can I show my heart in the mirror?]

Narration:                          I still hear Setsuna’s voice in my ears.


FX:                                        Clap clap

Kazusa:                               Danke!

Kazusa:                               Thank you for the flowers!


Girl:                                      Your piano playing and singing were both amazing.


FX:                                        Clap clap

Kazusa:                               Is that so? Are you working hard practicing the piano?

Girl:                                      Yep!


Youko:                                Look at you, playing and singing at the same time!

You were a big hit.

Kazusa:                               It’s not that big a deal.


Rina:                                    Oh, there you are!

Rina:                                    Sorry I’m late, Auntie.


Page 20


Rina:                                    It’s been a while since I last saw you…

Rina:                                    Auntie Youko.


Youko:                                Ahh!

Youko:                                Rina-chan?!

Narration:                          Rina?

                                             I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before…


Narration:                          Huh…?! Rina Ogata?!

Youko:                                I’m so glad you made it!

FX:                                        Chatter chatter

Rina:                                    I came as quick as I could!


Narration:                          Rina Ogata—a popular idol and entertainer, currently based in New York.

                                             In recent years, she has appeared in a CATV drama, gaining further popularity.


Narration:                          And she’s standing right here!

Youko:                                I have a session to do with the children, so sit here and make yourself comfortable, Rina-chan.

Rina:                                    Sure.


Page 21


Rina:                                    So nice to meet you! I’m Rina Ogata.

Kazusa:                               Uh-huh!

FX:                                        Ba-thump

Rina:                                    Congratulations on placing second in the Trusty International Competition, Kazusa Touma-san.


Narration:                          She knows about me?

Kazusa:                               Huh?

Rina:                                    You look like you’re wondering why I know who you are.


Rina:                                    It’s written right up there, on that giant banner.

Banner:                               Celebrating Kazusa Touma

Runner-up in the piano division of the Trusty International Music Competition

Youko Touma’s Christmas Chamber Music Performance

Asterisk note:                    *Written in German

Magdalena:                       Miss Touma! There are stairs over this way!

Youko:                                Hup!

Kazusa:                               Oh… Right.

FX:                                        Blush


Rina:                                    Just kidding!

Kazusa:                               Uh?

Rina:                                    Aha!

Rina:                                    I’m a fan of yours.


Kazusa:                               You are?

Rina:                                    I’ve always been a big fan of Auntie Youko…

Rina:                                    Every time I come to Europe, I make sure to see her concerts.


Page 22


Rina:                                    But, last month, I came to see the competition you were in.

Rina:                                    Initially, I was invited to see “Youko Touma’s daughter”…


Rina:                                    But, the moment I first heard you, I became a fan.

Kazusa:                               What? But, I’m still far from the level of…

Rina:                                    Don’t be so humble!


Rina:                                    You didn’t need the label of “Youko Touma’s daughter.”


Rina:                                    You were an astonishing player in your own right.


Rina:                                    By the way…

What was that wonderful song you just played?

Rina:                                    For the encore.


Page 23


Rina:                                    It sounded like a pop song…

Kazusa:                               Oh… That, well…


Kazusa:                               It’s a song I wrote in Japan, when I was in high school.

It’s nothing that big…

Rina:                                    No, I loved it. There was a lot of feeling in it.

Rina:                                    It was overflowing with feeling.


Rina:                                    So, was it a boy?

FX:                                        Ding

Kazusa:                               Urk

Rina:                                    I bet so.


Youko:                                Oh? What are we talking about?

Look at you, making friends already.

She’s a fan of yours, you know, Rina-chan.

Youko:                                Is that black lump over there my daughter?

FX:                                        Slump

Rina:                                    I think I hit a sore spot.

Rina:                                    I was just asking what that encore song was.

Narration:                          I’m not gonna be Rina-chan’s fan any more…

Youko:                                How funny!

Youko:                                The encore?


Kazusa:                               Please don’t remember!

Youko:                                Fa Mi Do Re, Re Mi Fa Fa Fa So Mi…

Narration:                          Ah… She was there, huh…

FX:                                        Tremble tremble


Youko:                                Hm? Well…

I do feel like I’ve heard it once before…

Youko:                                Oh, I remember!

Rina:                                    Oh?

Youko:                                Was it an arrangement of the song you played at your high school festival?


Page 24


Youko:                                This girl wanted to get the attention of the boy playing guitar with her.

But the boy wound up with another—

Kazusa:                               You can do it. You can do it.

Kazusa:                               Quit blabbing!


Youko:                                Scandalous, right?

Kazusa:                               Stop talking about my memories that way!

Rina:                                    Oh… Um, sorry…


Youko:                                It was remarkable.

That performance was something more than the haphazard playing you’d been doing.

Youko:                                I could tell that you had taken a step toward becoming an expressive player…

which is why I brought you here to Vienna with me.


Magdalena:                       Hey!


FX:                                        Jab

Magdalena:                       Over there! Touma-sensei! Silence, please!

                                             This is the students’ performance! Shut up and listen, please!

Caption:                              Magdalena

                                             Youko Touma’s European manager

                                             Flautist (still learning Japanese)


Kazusa:                               “Shut up and listen…”

Rina:                                    “Please…”

Youko:                                Sorry, Maggie.


Page 25


Youko:                                So sorry, everyone…

Girl:                                      Teacher, you have to be quiet!

FX:                                        Boooo boooo boooo

Girl:                                      You always tell us to listen when someone is performing!

Boy:                                     I’m sleepy…

Boy:                                     Not fair!


Youko:                                Well, I’ve been told off…

Kazusa:                               I was the one yelling, but…

Kazusa:                               You keep getting carried away making fun of me…

Youko:                                Sorry.

Youko:                                Oh, dear.


Rina:                                    Hey, so…

Kazusa:                               Yes? …Huh?!

Rina:                                    Right?


Rina:                                    Could I ask you a favor?

Magdalena:                       Hm?


FX:                                        Chatter chatter

Rina:                                    Merry Christmas, everyone! Sorry for making so much noise.

Rina:                                    I don’t know whether to call this an “apology,” exactly, but I’m going to sing something for you now!


Rina:                                    Ready?

Kazusa:                               Yep.


Kazusa:                               “White Album.”


Page 26


Rina:                                    Though the number of days we miss each other is growing,

Rina:                                    The feelings we have for each other are just by our sides.


Caption:                              Mothers of Japanese students

Women:                             Wait, this song…

Is it an English cover of Yuki Morikawa?

Is that really her?

Rina Ogata? What’s she doing here?

It’s Rina-chan!


Rina:                                    To say that it’s okay for us not to see each other…


Youko:                                Well, well!

Youko:                                How wonderful!


Rina:                                    It’s a façade, twined with a sigh.

Narration:                          Something about this… feels familiar.

                                             Maybe I’d forgotten how much fun that time was, focusing constantly on the most painful memories?


Narration:                          Setsuna… What’s she doing, now…?

                                             Is she still singing…?


Page 27


Woman:                             Rinaaa!

FX:                                        Roar

Woman:                             Rina-chaaan!

Rina:                                    Let it fill all the emptiness in this album.


FX:                                        Tug

Youko:                                Unbelievable…

Starting something this much fun without me…

FX:                                        Click

Narration:                          But I’m the star!

FX:                                        Rattle

Rina:                                    You just invited yourself in at the climax?!

Kazusa:                               So immature…

Asterisk note:                    Interlude: alto sax solo


Audience:                           Rina-chaaan!

Youko! Youko!

Woo! Woo!



Audience:                           Zugabe!

Audience:                           Zugabe!


Narration:                          The recital was an enormous success.


Rina:                                    It can’t be easy, having a genius so close by.

FX:                                        Zzz


Kazusa:                               Genius, airhead… Such a thin line.

Youko:                                Can’t drink any more…

Rina:                                    Yeah, maybe so.


Rina:                                    I have a lot of respect for Youko Touma.

Rina:                                    A Japanese woman, flourishing abroad…

She’s become a touchstone. You don’t see many artists like her.


Page 28


Rina:                                    I see… Your best friend and romantic rival…

Kazusa:                               I left all of that…

Kazusa:                               behind in Japan…


Rina:                                    Are you afraid to remember?

Kazusa:                               …


Rina:                                    You could say I ran away, too.

I talk about expanding my activity overseas, as an excuse…

Rina:                                    But I kind of wonder…

whether I don’t belong in Japan any more.

Kazusa:                               Rina-san…


Rina:                                    But, I have a dear friend who’s working hard in Japan.

She’s going to be participating in the New Year’s Eve singing competition for the first time in a while.

Rina:                                    Thanks.

Rina:                                    So, I’m planning to sneak in and support her.


Rina:                                    If I can, I’d like to bring her out with me.

Rina:                                    Bring Yuki to the world.


Page 29


FX:                                        Vrooooo


Youko:                                It’s rare for you to come all the way to the airport to see me off.

Kazusa:                               I’m not coming to see you off, I’m coming for Rina-san.

Rina:                                    You two…


Rina:                                    Kazusa-san…

Kazusa:                               Yes?


Rina:                                    Even painful memories will eventually turn into pleasant ones.

Rina:                                    It took ten years for me to feel ready to go back to Japan.

What about you?


Kazusa:                               I’m still not sure.


Rina:                                    Well, keep it up in the meantime.

Kazusa:                               I will.


Youko:                                Kazusa…

When I get back, would you consider helping me at the music school?

Kazusa:                               Huh?

Youko:                                The children liked you quite a bit, you know.


Youko:                                You could learn a lot from teaching others.

Kazusa:                               I know.


Kazusa:                               Well, I’ll ask the old man about it first.


Page 30


Youko:                                Also, I’m sorry to push this on you…

Youko:                                But I don’t have the time. Will you get this reimbursed?


Kazusa:                               Huh?

Youko:                                It’s a ticket for a flight to Japan that I was supposed to be taking the day after tomorrow.

I’ve paid the cancellation fee. You could take it in your name, if you wanted.


Kazusa:                               I’m not using this.


Youko:                                Kazusa…

Youko:                                I’m going to give my best performance in Japan.


Kazusa:                               What’s that mean?

Youko:                                I’m going to give a performance you could never match…

to make the name of Youko Touma known to the people of Japan.


Youko:                                Anyway, off I go.

Kazusa:                               Seriously, what do you mean?

I told you, I’m not going!

Narration:                          I’m going to put up a hurdle for your debut in Japan.


Rina:                                    See you, Kazusa.

I look forward to your next performance.

Rina:                                    Have a happy new year!


Page 31


Kazusa:                               Well…

FX:                                        Turn

Kazusa:                               Practice, practice, practice.


Kazusa:                               Maybe I’ll talk to the old man about the music school thing.


Rina:                                    Say, Auntie Youko…

Youko:                                Hm? What is it, Rina-chan?


Rina:                                    The one who invited me to the recital. Was it…

Youko:                                Mm?



Rina:                                    Well, it was a lot of fun, so it’s all the same to me.

Youko:                                Being a parent…

means doing absolutely everything for your children.


Youko:                                You should try having one, Rina-chan! It’s very interesting.

Rina:                                    Oh, really?

End caption:                      To be continued

White Album 2 Drama CD: One-Night Triumphant Return


Page 32

Afterword:                         Thank you so much for picking up this booklet. I got sick at the start of autumn, which delayed my starting work on it, and as a result I wasn’t able to add color to the cover, but I believe the content fits in with the rest of my work.

At the time that I was producing “Amore Furioso,” my adult-oriented work about Setsuna, I found myself thinking, “What would Kazusa be doing right now?” I listened to the White Album 2 drama CD, “One-Night Triumphant Return,” and the question of why Kazusa would decide to go to Japan occurred to me. That was the base point for this story. Only the original creator knows her real motive, so I wasn’t able to reach a conclusion, but I feel like I’ve at least set a flag with this, or something. (lol)

Also, the matter of Rina Ogata’s appearance… Her age is around 30, aged up from the very first Windows edition of White Album. (The timelines in the anime and comics conflict a little.) It started when I rewatched the sealed White Album anime in early autumn, and then, at the White Album Only event in November, as I was drawing Rina Ogata for a circle signboard (shown to the right), I thought I might try involving her in the story. I think I managed to add a little color to the black-haired mother and daughter that way (lol).

Including photocopy zines and event-restricted works, this is my ninth WA2 book, but if I can, I’d like to include it in the 10th, to mark that big milestone. The White Album 2 Mini After-Story is supposed to arrive this winter! And, on the same day that this book gets published, there’s going to be a Club Radio recording happening elsewhere… What new announcements could there be?! (Since I’ll be with my circle, I won’t be able to go and listen. ;o; )

Anyway, I hope this has touched your heartstrings in some way or another.


December, 2014             Xanadu


In the word balloons for this one, I wrote lines for foreign language conversations horizontally, and Japanese conversations vertically. It may be a bit difficult to read, but thank you for understanding.

Also, as usual, your author is not especially strong with foreign languages. I would be very grateful for your sympathy regarding any typos or mistranslations.


Page 33

Publishing info:                White Album 2 Fan Books 9

As It Was Then


Published:          December 30th, 2014 CM87

Natakuga-yuku! Xanadu



Printer:               Sunrise Publication


Unauthorized reproduction, digitization, or sharing online is prohibited.


Page 34


Narration:                          That your final memory of me…


Narration:                          should be a painful separation like this…

Haruki:                                Don’t go, Kazusa…

Sign:                                    Departure Inspection

Kazusa:                               Don’t follow me!


FX:                                        Ding-dong

Staff:                                   No entry.

Haruki and Setsuna:        Kazusaaa!

Kazusa:                               Huh?

Woman:                             This way, please.


Haruki and Setsuna:        Kazusasaa!

Kazusa:                               What could it be?

FX:                                        Beep beep beep

Woman:                             Your phone?


Staff:                                   You can’t bring any liquids on board.

Narration:                          That your final memory of me…

Kazusa:                               My sugar water!

FX:                                        Doom

Haruki and Setsuna:        Kazusaaa!

Narration:                          should be a painful separation like this…


Page 35

Title:                                    Another story in Vienna

White Album 2 Fan Books 9 Natakuga-yuku! 2014 winter