Answer Lyrics English

  • Composer: Michio Kinugasa
  • Arranger: Michio Kinugasa
  • Lyrics: Naoko Sutani
  • Vocals: Rena Uehara; Setsuna Ogiso (CV: Madoka Yonezawa); Kazusa Touma (CV: Hitomi Nabatame); Haruki Kitahara (CV: Takahiro Mizushima)

Answer — English lyric translation

After I loved you so deeply, with all of my heart
Why did the day come when we separated?

My wish is still for you to forget everything

The pain I constantly feel boring deep into my chest
The place that once held my feelings for you
Will never be filled again

I love you so deeply, with all of my heart
Why did the day come that we separated?

I’m still waiting for your return, just like always

I’ve called your name over and over
Even in my dreams you never look back at me
You’re never coming back

I’m still looking for the answer, the reason we parted

You called my name over and over
Even in my dreams, I never looked back at you
I just ran away

The deep, frigid pain I constantly feel in my chest
Some day, you’ll bring it warmth again
I believe you will



今も変わらず願いは 全て忘れてほしい

ずっと胸に感じる 深くえぐられた痛み
きっとここに君への 想いがあった場所で


今も変わらずあなたの 帰りを待ち続ける

ずっとあなたの名前 何度も何度も呼んだ
夢の中のあなたも 振りかえることはない

今も別れた理由の 答を探している

ずっと君が名前を 何度も何度も呼んだ
夢の中でも僕は 振りかえることはなく

ずっと胸に感じる 深く冷たい痛みは
きっといつかあなたが あたためてくれるねと