All White Album 2 songs translated

On this page, we look to translate the White Album 2 songs. The music (without lyrics) from the original soundtrack (OST) is available in part III. All listed translations belong to us.

*Note: Lyrics in italics were already written in English in the Japanese version.
*Update: Our own subtitled videos for all WA2 albums have been added.

1. Visual novel songs
All of which are played in the White Album 2 visual novel.

1.1 Ending songs
Themes that are sang at the end of each route.

1.11 Twinkle Snow 
Played in the introductory chapter, the lyrics within the song reflect Kazusa and her state of mind after finding out that Haruki has developed feelings for Setsuna. It is also a piece which links with the digital novel entitled “Twinkle Snow Dream,” whereby Maruto narrates what would have happened had Haruki dated Kazusa first. Ultimately, the outcome remains the same and whilst Setsuna suffers, Haruki plays this song.

“Because I’m like Kazusa, having loved him just the same amount as her…”

1.12 Aisuru kokoro
A song played at the end of Setsuna’s route in the closing chapter. It speaks of her eternal love for Haruki, regardless of his actions towards her.

“And I also embraced … and received Haruki-kun’s love, I’m very happy…”
“I’m very happy, it’s true. Up until now, I’ve never felt such strong feeling of happiness before.”

1.13 Yasashii Uso 
Performed at the end of Koharu, Chiaki, and Mari’s routes. The words evidence Setsuna’s despair at Haruki choosing one of the sub-heroines instead of her.

1.14 Kokoro wa Itsumo Anata no Soba ni 
Played at Coda in Kazusa’s normal ending. The production refers to an attempt by Kazusa to find inner peace once realizing that leaving for Haruki’s sake is the best option.

“After all, I’m willing to offer anything for Haruki’s sake. I could even throw everything away.“
“And yet, no matter what I sacrifice, or who I offer it to, protecting Haruki is
not something I’m capable of.“
“My most valuable treasure in this world…will break if I hold it.”

1.15 Toki no Mahou 
A song played for Coda in Setsuna’s true ending. The piece itself is written by Haruki once he discovers that Setsuna is the only girl he loves.

1.16 Closing 
For Coda and Kazusa’s true ending. A melody showcasing Kazusa’s joy at Haruki choosing her without breaking apart for doing so.

Even though this happiness of mine was won through everyone else’s unhappiness, I still savor it with all of my heart.
This is the happiest I’ve been since my life in this world began.

1.2 Additional songs
Played throughout the visual novel.

1.21 Shin Ai
This is the first song that Setsuna sings to Haruki in the visual novel. It predicts events that later follow.

1.22 Todokanai Koi:
Written by Haruki two months before he meets Setsuna, and later composed by Kazusa for the school festival. The song was dedicated to Kazusa at first, but Setsuna’s appearance may change Haruki’s mind depending on the route taken in the novel.

“Even though it’s a song that Kazusa made…because that song…already belongs to Setsuna.”

1.23 White Album
The most important composition from the series, and Setsuna’s favorite as well.

1.24 Sound of Destiny
A song that is played at the school festival by Setsuna, Kazusa and Haruki.

1.25 Shiawase na Kioku
The opening theme of the VN’s closing chapter. This song makes reference to the pain felt by Kazusa while she is away from Haruki.

“Like hell I’m fine! All this time, I’ve been unable to forget…”
“You always slipped from my grasp at the last moment…no way I could withstand such painful torture…”

1.26 After All-Tsuzuru Omoi-
A piece from the introductory chapter that refers to Kazusa’s relationship with her loved one, Haruki.

1.27 Powder Snow :
A melody that plays at the end of Kazusa’s true ending. The piece itself is sang by Setsuna, who sorrowfully plays Haruki’s guitar and sings for her two-year departed lover.

1.28 Anata wo omoitai
Performed a year after Haruki’s betrayal, this piece is sung by Setsuna at the end of Kazusa’s normal ending. The words echo Setsuna’s love for Haruki.

“I’ll love you so much that I won’t be able to hate you, no matter what you do to me.”
“Well, I’ve been trained pretty hard. By the one I love most in the world…by the one who loves me second-most in the world.“

1.29 Answer
A track taken from the closing chapter which refers to Kazusa’s wish to still be with Haruki, and her pain if she does not get that chance.

1.210 Routes
Performed by Setsuna during Coda’s common route. This piece is recited before the story begins to branch out on to separate paths.

1.211 Kimi Wo Nosete
A song used in the introductory chapter as well as the album, “Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~.”

2. Miscellaneous
These are songs that do not fall into any of the previous categories. They were created for the purpose of special content creation, during anime episodes or for merchandise.

2.1 Sayonara no Koto
The anime’s ending theme in episodes 3-6 and 8-10. This piece is written from Kazusa’s point of view and is directed towards Haruki. It is also included on these albums:

  • WHITE ALBUM 2 CONCERT [Limited Edition]
  • WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack
  • WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~encore~
  • WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~encore~ Special Select

2.2 Koi no You na
Performed by Akari Tsuda, this is a song played at the end of Extra Episode on the PS3 (later removed for the White Album 2 Extended Edition). It deals with Setsuna’s close friendship with Kazusa from her point of view.

2.3 I’m fallin’ in love
Taken from both the:


2.4 Feeling Heart
Performed by Setsuna and taken from the White Album 2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~

2.5 Maiochiru Yuki No Youni
Taken from the WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~

2.6: I hope so…
Taken from the WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~

2.7 Musouka
Taken from the WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~

2.8 Hitori
Taken from the WHITE ALBUM 2 Original Soundtrack ~setsuna~

2.9 White Love
Sung by both Setsuna and Akari Tsuda in the WHITE ALBUM 2 VOCAL COLLECTION.

2.10 Akujo

2.11 Free and Dream

2.12 Taisetsu na Kimi e


1. Visual novel songs

1.1 Ending songs

1.11 Twinkle Snow   Link 

1.12 Aisuru kokoro   Link

1.13 Yasashii Uso   Link 

1.14 Kokoro wa Itsumo Anata no Soba ni   Link 

1.15 Toki no Mahou   Link 

1.16 Closing   Link

1.2 Additional songs

1.21 Shin Ai   Link  

1.22 Todokanai Koi  Link

1.23 White Album  Link

1.24 Sound of Destiny  Link

1.25 Shiawase na Kioku  Link

1.26 After All-Tsuzuru Omoi-  Link

1.27 Powder Snow  Link  

1.28 Anata wo omoitai  Link

1.29 Answer  Link

1.210 Routes  Link

1.211 Kimi Wo Nosete  Link

2. Miscellaneous

2.1 Sayonara no Koto  Link

2.2 Koi no You na  Link   

2.3 I’m fallin’ in love  Link

2.4 Feeling Heart  Link

2.5 Maiochiru Yuki No Youni  Link

2.6 I hope so  Link

2.7 Musouka  Link

2.8 Hitori  Link  

2.9 White Love  Link   

2.10 Akujo  Link

2.11 Free and Dream  Link

2.12 Taisetsu na Kimi e  Link

3. Lyricless music  Link