After the Festival ~Setsuna’s Thirty Minutes~

“Seriously, you are so boring…”
“What’s wrong with you, it’s like you’re asking for it…”


At that moment…

Kazusa leaned forward a bit.

Her long black hair spilled over her shoulder, covering Haruki’s face.

That instant, when their two faces overlapped one another completely…

Setsuna, watching through the gap in the door a few meters away, burned the image into her eyes.

“…Ah… Ahh…”

Kazusa’s voice, which could have been taken as a sigh of lament or a cry of pain, reached Setsuna’s ears clearly.

“S-Sorry… Sorry, Kitahara… I kissed you.”

At the same time, her feelings, which had been as flushed as her body, began to run wild.

“It’s… your fault, got it?”

Because she had witnessed the feelings of her best friend… No, her closest friend, who had taken a step toward being her best friend…

“…No, it’s not. I’m sorry. I’m the worst.”

Because she had had a brush with Kazusa’s unbelievably girlish emotions.

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