After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ Lyrics English – Feelings Spelled Out

  • Composer: Shinya Ishikawa
  • Arranger: Michio Kinugasa; Shuntaro Kobayashi
  • Lyrics: Miu
  • Vocals: Rena Uehara; Kazusa Touma (CV: Hitomi Nabatame)

After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ — English lyric translation

After All ~Feelings Spelled Out~

A flock of birds takes off from the earth
Where is my solitary heart supposed to go?

I still have the kisses we softly exchanged that day
And our shared heartbeats as we held each other tightly

The summer I spent with you in love has ended
And the feelings I brought with me are returning to the sky
You were so dazzling and kind, and I loved you
I’m still searching for your voice and your dreams
Stay just a little longer, just like this

Only the lights adorning the streets on the weekend
Gently wrap up my revealed heart

Lovers sway in silhouette
Before I know it, I am overtaken only by longing

I think of the autumn I spent with you, that can never return
The footsteps long gone, your hands, tomorrow
Being happy and by your side was everything
The confusion and loneliness still reflect themselves
But, close, I’ll forget it all, just like this

I call your dear name, but the wind just sweeps it away
Taking me far, far from the past, from that day

I know you will—some day, you will—I’ll wait for winter
If you follow your memories you’ll come back to me
More than anyone, more than ever
I’ll sing of you, even if the words never reach you
Feel and believe in a new time

After All ~Tsuzuru Omoi~ 

After All~綴る想い~

地上を離れてゆく 鳥の群れ
ひとりのこの心は 何処へゆけばいい?

きつく抱いてあわせた鼓動も まだ在るのに

恋してた君といた 夏は終わり
連れてきた想い出は 空へ帰るよ
まぶしくて優しくて 好きだったよ
その声もその夢も まだ探すけど
Stay もう少しだけは このまま

週末 街を飾る 光だけ
滲んだこの心を そっと包んでる

影絵みたい 揺れてる恋人たち
あこがれだけわたしを いつしか追いこしてく

戻れない君といた 秋を想う
残らない足跡を その手を 明日を
うれしくてそばにいて すべてだった
とまどいも淋しさも まだ映すけど
Close 忘れてしまうの このまま

愛しい名を呼んでも 風がさらってゆくだけ
過去からわたしを あの日を遠くへ 遠くへ離してゆく

きっとまた いつかまた 冬を待って
懐かしくたどっては ここへ来るでしょう
誰よりもいつよりも 君のことを
届かない言葉でも そっと歌うよ
Feel 新しい時を 信じて