NOTE – This blog dealing with the complete summary of White Album 2 is being made little by little. At the very least, we’ll release a new page every month.

Update: We haven’t been able to work on this blog for the past few weeks. The reason is that we’ve just started some very time-consuming white album 2 projects (full translations and drawings.) If you want to check them, go to the Full WA2 Translations and WA2 CG Drawings pages.

Update 2: Sorry for the summary’s lack of progress, but we’ve gotten too wrapped up in the Full WA2 Translations project (After Stories, Digital Novels, Drama CDs, specials etc.) We plan on getting back to the summaries soon.

Finished pages, which you can already see just by clicking them here or going to the menu above : Introductory Chapter; Closing Chapter’s Common Route; CC Setsuna’s route; Chiaki’s route; Koharu’s route; Coda’s Common Route I; Quotes I; Quotes II; Quotes III; Our videos (Note that the “Our Videos” page is just us talking in front of the camera and giving a very short summary/overview of all the game routes, including Coda and Mini After-Story.)

Future pages: Homepage (improved version and guidelines); CC Mari’s route; Coda’s Common Route II; Coda Setsuna’s normal ending; Coda Setsuna’s true ending; Coda Kazusa’s normal ending; Coda Kazusa’s true ending; Mini After-Story, Side Stories; Quotes III (not yet completed); Quotes IV; Quotes V; Conclusions I; Conclusions II; Conclusions III.

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Script: kohn-ni-chi-wah! I’m thrilled to be presenting you guys with our complete White Album 2 summary! I hope you like our work because it has taken us some time to complete. Luckily, we didn’t have to start from scratch as there was already a summary to work from … but we still had to do most of it. The summary was conducted as we reread the visual novel to avoid possible mistakes. It is completely factual and opinions have been kept exclusively to the thoughts section. We double-checked the already existing translations to confirm its quality and translated everything else ourselves. Thank you very much for reading and joining us on the long journey telling about the lives of Setsuna, Haruki and Kazusa! 私達が作成した、せつな、はるき、そしてかずさの物語に関する概要をご覧いただき、ありがとうございました。

Script: 皆さんこんにちは!今このビデオを見ているという事はあなたもホワイトアルバム2のファンですね?それではリラックスして私達が作成したサマリーをご覧頂き、ヴィジュルノーベルの素晴らしさを体感ください!

Translation: Hello to everyone! If you’re watching this video it means you’re a White Album 2 fan. So just relax and let the summary we made make you remember how awesome this visual novel is!

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